Coachella 2019 : it tells you how to watch the concerts without being πŸ‘€

Coachella 2019 : on vous dit comment regarder les concerts sans y Γͺtre πŸ‘€

Coachella 2019 : it tells you how to watch the concerts of the festival without being there

You have always dream of going to Coachella ? But financial or time (or both), it is not possible to attend to the edition 2019 ? Don’t panic, you will have the opportunity to do anything to miss the festival… without leaving your home. The thrill, non ? It tells you how to watch the concert of Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, DJ Snake and all the others !

Aaaaaah, Coachella, the festival is the most exclusive of the United States, which has always had a desire to participate, the festival brings all the biggest stars every year, the festival programming 5 stars… It is a bit of a rendez-vous not to be missed, but it is nearly impossible to go there because prices are crazy. Yes, life is not always fair. Fortunately, Coachella, think of all those who can’t come.

Where to watch the concerts of Coachella ?

Yes, you will be able to watch the concerts of the three headliners Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, Tame Impala or even Dj Snake, Kid Cudi, Zedd, and Khalid, without leaving your home ! As every year, the musical event, which takes place from April 12 to 21, 2019, is in partnership with YouTube.

So you can connect to the official channel of Coachella on your computer, tv and phone so you don’t miss it : “fans will have the choice between three live feeds with different artists playing at the same time (…) To ensure you don’t miss your performance favorite, you can create programs for viewing and personalized channels of live streaming will be changed automatically according to the selected artists by the fans“, can we read in the press release.

A special event with BLACKPINK

The second weekend (19, 20 and 21 April), a “first live stream” will be hosted live by YouTube Music. We immerse in the experience of the festival and “will propose a wide palette of original content” such as comments, artists, live shows or even mini-documentaries.

A special event will also take place but in New York only. If you ever find yourself in the Big Apple at the same time, it is also for you. For the first time ever, YouTube will broadcast the concert BLACKPINK on the famous big screen of Times Square. Oh yeah, when even !


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