Coachella 2019: the most striking images of the stars at the festival

Cowboy and boho styles are the main attributes of the festival

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Coachella 2019:  самые яркие образы звезд на фестивале

Stylish images of top models at the Coachella festival

Now California is one of the largest music festivals Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which gathers in one place fans of not only music, but also great style.

The festival for 20 years is just another excuse for Hollywood and international stars to show off their unusual outfits and off to the rhythm of the music. Mainly celebrities choose for the Grand event outright and light outfit in a cowboy or boho styles.

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Boho style can be compared to hippies: frayed jeans, a shirt with an ethnic ornament, Gypsy skirts in color prints and straw hats. The layering, the diversity and texture – the key attributes boho style.

Coachella 2019:  самые яркие образы звезд на фестивале

Supermodel Gigi Hadid

But the cowboy style is not similar to boho, although from the same “family”. Here are more calm colors in the clothes: beige, black, brown and khaki. A distinctive feature of the cowboy style are the Cossacks – ankle boot with elongated nose and glasses aviators.

Coachella 2019:  самые яркие образы звезд на фестивале

British celebrity Lou Tisdale in cowboy style

This year, celebrities from around the world came to California to showcase their brightest outfits and svelte figure. The powerful images were traced trends in the 90-ies, namely acid wash clothing high jeans, short tops, with square glasses and a narrow rim, and shoes square shape.

Model Elsa Hosk in a dress from the 90-htto: Getty Mademuzel Romi Strayed was replaced by two images, which resembled the style of the 90-htto: Getty Medeamaterial hip-hop singer KARDi Bitto: Getty Madewithout the way, he Strayed – leather look high saponite: Getty Modeswitch reality show Hennessy Carolina in cowboy stiletto: Getty ImagesDJ Angel & DrenФото: Getty Medeamaterial model Kendall Generato: Getty Madegascar outfits from Shanina Shayk and Jasmine, Texphoto: Getty Madeline Harlow in acid top and upkept: Getty Madero Hilton lights in clear placepot: Getty Images1/10

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