Cocktails are vegan, made in Quebec

Des cocktails végétaliens faits au Québec

The supply of ready-to-drink is increasingly diverse in Quebec. Latest arrivals on the shelves, the products LÒCH and ÙRBEN of Bobbie & Drew want to be an option for tasty, sugar-free, gluten-free and low alcohol content, and that will stand out even more, because no ingredient of animal origin in their composition.

Here is a ready-to-drink that will appeal to both vegans, celiacs and the lovers of organic products !

The composition of the cocktails LÒCH and ÙRBEN can be counted on the fingers of the hand : the organic cider, natural flavors and organic stevia organic.

Result : these cocktails are ready to drink and are rich in flavors, but are low in calories, each 355ml can contains only 69 calories and 0 g of sugar. The alcohol is 3.5 %.

Two products

Based in Rougemont, Bobbie & Drew offers two sparkling ciders with flavours distinct.

LÒCH (pronounced “lock”, and think of the famous Loch Ness) is a fresh cocktail, with a base of lemon and cucumber, to cool off on a nice evening in the summer.

ÙRBEN, with aromas of lychee and ginger, will appeal to lovers of flavors more unusual.

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