“Coco closes”: working with young actors was “pure charm!”, says Benoît Brière

“Coco farm”: working with young actors was “pure charm !», says Benoît Brière


“Coco ferme”, the new Tales for All film, directed by Sébastien Gagné, was released on February 24.  

Comedian Benoît Brière is making a return to the screen there after having had health problems. “I'm fine, I'm on top; I'm back on what's called the extended warranty,” he laughed in an interview with TVA Nouvelles on Sunday.

He explained in particular that the diverticulitis he experienced was episodic and that he is now in a better position.

For the man who plays Raymond in the Quebec film, it was “pure charm” to exchange the line with the young actors.

He describes them as great professionals. “They know what they have to do, how to do it, they are prepared […], they are ready to learn”, but above all, he said, “they have the humility of their talent ”.

“I have the mental age of those young people. […] On the set, when we said to calm down, it was to me that we spoke, ”he said to laugh.

The actor of double experience the “paparazzi” seal in another Quebec film, “Katak, the brave beluga”, whose Montreal launch took place on Saturday.