Coco (The Voice 8) : the candidate moldovan disorder Mika… and insupporte users

Coco (The Voice 8) : the candidate moldovan react to the users

While the hearings to the blind The Voice 8 continued on Saturday 9 march 2019, a hurricane has messed up on its way : Coco. This candidate moldovan 26-year-old has stolen the hearts of 4 coaches by his performance, and pissed off many people by his behavior a little too fit-in for some…

After Valentine’s day, or even Whitney, the coaches of The Voice 8 have had to cope with a candidate coming from somewhere : the Coconut. This candidate 26-year-old coming from Moldova has been able to put the 4 coaches of the emissions in his pocket in his interpretation of the title “All by myself” by Céline Dion. But the pretty blonde has also made the show once the 4 chairs are returned. When Jenifer asks her where she was from, she answered : “I come from wherever you want. I’m a little bit naughty. Coco-naughty ! I come from Moldova !”.

A candidate for a “coco-naughty”

Sweet voice, shaking of head, hand in the hair… this candidate atypical has staked everything on the seduction and did not hesitate to make it fit inside, to the point of nerves of many internet users, finding that she was a little too much. “I like to dominate“, she adds before she announced that she chose Mika as a coach… which is totally destabilized !

“Uncomfortable”, “unbearable”…

Questioned later by Nikos, the singer admitted : “I have no idea what’s going to happen and I have no idea what happened”, adding to be totally disoriented : “the question is not where is what I’m going to bring it but where is she going to get me and I have a little bit afraid of the knowledge.” “Uncomfortable”, “unbearable”, “arrogant”… It has in any case made the reaction of the viewers.


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