Cold smoking the right way

Cold smoking the right way


For BBQ lovers, the arrival of fall means one thing: cold smoking season is upon us. This technique consists of giving a smoky taste to food without subjecting it to heat. This is a very common ancient practice that was used primarily for food preservation, but nowadays it is used to give some foods an extra smoky flavor.

< p>Equip at low cost

To achieve cold smoking, there is no need to have a series of complex equipment. A simple smoke maze provided for this purpose is necessary. This essential tool is available in all specialty BBQ stores, or online on popular shopping sites. The way to do it is very simple; just place BBQ pellets in the maze, light one end and let them burn for a few minutes. Once the pellets are well lit, you must blow on the flame to extinguish it so that only a thin smoke escapes. Then, place the maze inside the BBQ (turned off) opposite the food to be smoked. It is also necessary to ensure that there is good air circulation inside the BBQ so that the combustion of the pellets takes place correctly and that the smoke is evacuated properly.

< strong>Monitoring the temperature, the crux of cold smoking

As the name suggests, smoking should be done cold without any heat source. To ensure the success of this technique, you must constantly monitor not the temperature of the food, but rather the internal temperature of the BBQ. The latter must be permanently between 4 °C and 20 °C: at less than 4 °C, the smoke will not adhere to food, and at more than 20 °C, you are exposed to certain risks regarding bacteria that could grow. 

This is why the colder temperatures of fall and spring are conducive to this type of smoking. In order to keep the internal temperature of the BBQ within this scale, certain tips are available to you. If during the day, the outside temperature warms up more than expected, bring the BBQ into the shade and place a few trays filled with ice cubes inside. This will have the effect of lowering the temperature inside. On the other hand, if the weather cools the ambient temperature too much, it suffices to deposit a single lit briquette to release a few additional degrees and stabilize this difference. A 100W light bulb lit inside the BBQ also does an excellent job of providing some heat.

What foods are cold smoked?

You are no doubt familiar with some popular foods that are derived from this technique. Smoked salmon and bacon are at the top of the list, but you can let your imagination run wild and cold smoke a variety of foods. Nuts, cheese, such as a gouda, maple syrup, spices, certain alcohols such as gin and dried fruit are just a few examples of foods that gain flavor when cold smoked. Dried sausages and charcuterie are not left out with this method; many of these foods are smoked, which adds the perfect touch to enhance their flavors.

The cold smoking season is a limited time, so the time should be established in advance. conducive to indulge in it. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, monitor the internal temperature of the BBQ, and smoke a large amount of food at once to maximize this restricted time. These are just a few tips that will make your cold smoking experience a success.

Happy BBQ!