Cole Caufield: It's settled!

Cole Caufield: Settled!


Cole Caufield will stay in Montreal for a long time. Number 22 wrote his name at the bottom of a pact of eight years and 62.8 million.

He will therefore earn an average of 7.85 million until 2030-2031. Watch Caufield's press briefing in the video above.

Kent Hughes and Geoff Molson had said it more than once since the end of last season. They were hopeful of concluding a contract fairly quickly with their star striker. The Canadian kept its promise by settling this file more than three months before the opening of the next season. 

A logical agreement

Le Journal had dissected the contracts of six young star strikers to offer plausible comparisons for Caufield's future pact. landed a jackpot that lived up to expectations. He will earn slightly more than Dylan Cozens (Buffalo Sabers) and Matthew Boldy (Minnesota Wild), but less than Tim Stützle (Ottawa Senators). 

Cozens and Boldy, two other first-round picks from the excellent class of 2019, have agreed to seven-year contract extensions for 7.1 million and 7 million respectively. 

The CH therefore found a way to root Caufield for one more season by offering him a little more money. 

At 5'7″ and 174 lbs, Caufield is one of the NHL's smallest players. But he never suffered from his size. He quickly established himself as one of the good scorers on the circuit. 

In 46 games last year, he scored 26 goals and had 10 assists for 36 points. He would most likely have reached 40 goals for the first time in his career had he not suffered a left shoulder injury. 

Caufield saw his season come to an abrupt end due to shoulder surgery last January.  

The detailed contract:

The website< /em> quickly released details of the Caufield deal. 

2023-2024: $4.975 million and $5 million in bonuses

2024-2025: $4.975 million and $5 million million in bonuses

2025-2026: 9.975 million

2026-2027: 8.705 million

2027-2028: 6.215 million

2028-2029: 5.985 million and no-trade clause with 15 teams

2029-2030: 5.985 million and no-trade clause with 10 teams

2030-2031: 5.985 million and no-trade clause with 5 teams