Cole Caufield will be back in time for the next CH season

Cole Caufield will be back in time for the next CH season


Cole Caufield's surgeon wants to reassure the Canadian's fervent admirers. “If all goes as planned with his recovery, we expect him to be fully ready for next season,” said Dr. Peter J. Millett.

“The intervention was carried out flawlessly. There was no concern,” rejoiced in an interview with the renowned surgeon at the Steadman Clinic in Colorado. 

Caufield went under the knife of Dr. Millett on February 2, 12 days after the Canadian announced that the season of the little number 22 was over.

The surgical procedure the striker underwent was aimed at repairing damage to his right shoulder after a dislocation and two instances of 'instability', i.e. a feeling that the shoulder is going to dislocate again , said the surgeon. 

 This is a procedure called 'Latarjet' which was performed in order to treat Caufield. 

This involves moving a piece of bone with a tendon attached to the front of the body. shoulder to stabilize and strengthen the joint, then prevent it from dislocating again.

Surgery needed

And no, even if Caufield “didn't want an operation”, according to Dr Millett, it was necessary for the rest of his career that he have surgery. 

“He wanted to continue to playing,” the doctor pointed out, “and we discussed the risks associated with that, and then what was best for him in the long run.”

Caufield obviously isn't the only athlete who wants to avoid the operating table. It often happens that specialists must insist on the dangers of such obstinacy.

“The general risk for any player dealing with such an injury is that he takes a hit, that it causes additional damage to his body and that it is detrimental to his long-term career,” said explained Dr. Millett.

“Having treated many athletes, I can tell you that, in general, they don't want to leave the entourage of their team, he continued. In most cases, they want to support their teammates and do their job.” 

No more harm…

Caufield had also told reporters, after the announcement of his extended absence, that he would have continued to play if the Canadiens had been in the playoff race.

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But luckily for number 22, Montreal was not there, which made his decision easier…and at the same time, reduced the risk of him aggravating his injury. 

“Sometimes it's up to us doctors to tell them that it's not in their interest to continue, because they are doing more harm than good by playing injured,” mentioned the surgeon. 

“[Caufield's] shoulder was not going to stabilize with rehabilitation or by resting it,” he also clarified. 

'He'll be a threat'

And while he can already tell Caufield will be ready in time for the next campaign, if all goes to plan of course Dr Millett had another good news for Canadiens fans. 

His patients who have undergone Latarjet procedures have had no trouble getting back into shape.

Even the vast majority of athletes, including those of the NHL (see opposite) and the NFL, have returned to the game “at the same level or at a higher level”, according to him.

“ He feels no pain and his rehabilitation is going well. He works hard. He will be a threat in the future, that's for sure! he said.

If he could, Cole Caufield would already be on the ice

If it were up to him, Cole Caufield would already be back on the ice.

“I'm holding it back a bit!” launched in an interview with doctor Peter J. Millett, who performed the surgery to heal the right shoulder of the Canadian forward. 

The enthusiasm of the number 22 is well known. A week after his team announced that the striker's season was over, Caufield humorously told reporters that the equipment attendants had taken away his sticks. 

Obviously, they are not the only ones to have to curb its impulses. Dr. Millett also needs to get involved. 

A stronger shoulder

But the latter saw snow. Caufield is not his first high-profile patient. 

In March 2020, when he was wearing the Columbus Blue Jackets uniform, Josh Anderson also called on the specialist's service, to repair a posterior labral tear in his left shoulder. 

When he reacted to the announcement about Caufield in front of members of the sports press, he had just told him that his left shoulder seemed stronger than the one that was healthy before going under the knife. 

A statement that makes the person who performed the surgery smile.

“I am delighted that he feels that the shoulder I repaired is performing better than the other! pointed out the surgeon. I haven't evaluated [the right], so I can't comment on what he said. I can speculate on the causes and there may be a variety of factors.”

Tarasenko and the Playoffs

In the summer of 2021, the Blues striker Vladimir Tarasenko also visited the Steadman Clinic after undergoing two previous surgeries. 

The surgeon takes great pride in telling his story. 

“ He was having difficulty performing at the level he wanted to achieve. I performed revision surgery. When he returned to the game, he had a fantastic season. He guided the Blues in the playoffs and it was a reward for him.

It only remains to be seen if it will be the same for Caufield. 

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