Colistière of Biden: the final sprint

Colistière de Biden: le sprint final

Joe Biden pledged yesterday to announce the identity of its colistière next week. A surprise is always possible, but I think it will make first experience.

Often in history, it has led to the importance of the identity of the co-candidate. If this choice has some influence on the results of the election, most of the time, the vice-president stays away from the melee by the result, although there are important exceptions, such as those of Dick Cheney or Joe Biden himself.

It is argued that Joe Biden is looking for a candidate who will allow him to reproduce the complicity very real that he has developed with Barack Obama.

Accustomed to the spotlight, experienced and strong in the mouth, Biden was able to become a companion road, loyal to the president. Solidarity in public, he never hesitated to present his vision of things in private. Barack Obama was able to exploit the baggage of his confidant, and he entrusted him with many responsibilities.

Not only the candidate, candidate should, therefore, have a personality that blends well with that of the democratic candidate, but she should also possess the qualities required to replace it at short notice. Considering the age of Joe Biden, more than ever, the vice-president could well be “just a heartbeat away from the presidency“, to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

In addition, the former vice-president himself is portrayed as a transitional candidate. The door is therefore open for 2024.

So who can offer the democratic candidate everything he search? If the Keisha Lance Bottoms, Val Demings, and Stacey Abrams have all of the skills and personal qualities that warrant that we are either interested in their candidacy, they all have the same small flaw in light of the requirements presented above: little experience in federal politics.

To which Biden will he turn then? Three choices seem to me to correspond to the qualities sought by the former senator: Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, and Karen Bass. The name of the first figure in the top of the list since the beginning of the primary.

Mrs Harris certainly has the skills and experience. Will it be a confidante loyal? Will it serve as first president or will she be active for 2024? Kamala Harris is the favorite.

Susan Rice, former advisor to Barack Obama, is well acquainted with Biden. Rice has a long road map (united Nations and national security) and she has demonstrated her loyalty on many occasions. Karen Bass is an elected official of California in the House of representatives.

Chair of the black Caucus of the Congress, it would be a valuable ally during a period marked by constant protests from the black community.

The names of senators Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Duckworth were also widely circulated. I’m interested less because I remain convinced that among all the competent women out of the ranks, Biden will make their choice on a candidate black.

I have not forgotten, not, however, Warren has demonstrated his knowledge of the administrative machinery and that she could take over from Biden if he had to withdraw.

Senator Duckworth has a personal story fascinating. The former helicopter pilot of the us army, lost both his legs in combat. It impresses in resuming the service after thirteen months of difficult rehabilitation.

After a visit to the department of Veterans affairs, she was elected to the House in 2012, becoming the first handicapped woman to win a mandate.

As if this review wasn’t enough to impress, his political career is punctuated with two pregnancies, and she was the one who brought down the law prohibiting to sit with her child.

In a good position in the polls, the democratic candidate seeks less a colistière that would allow him to conquer a new state or to earn a clientele that is election specific.

Rather, it seeks a loyal ally and experienced.

His final choice will be based first and foremost on the chemistry developed during the selection process.

If Kamala Harris throne at the top of most lists of analysts since the start, with Susan Rice, the democratic candidate would be familiar with Karen Bass it would send a message that is particularly strong in the black community.

Bets are open and we will know the identity of the winner next week.

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