Collateral victims of drug projectors at Béziers prison, residents of the Melisende residence call for help

Collateral victims of drug projectors at Béziers prison, residents of the Melisende residence call for help

Les habitants sont au plus près des murs d’enceinte de la prison du Gasquinoy à Béziers. JPA – Midi Libre

The residents of the Melisende residence, located behind the Béziers prison, denounce increases in the amount of their charges due to damage committed by drug delivery people to inmates. OPH management refutes these increases and acknowledges the vandalism suffered at the residence.

The residents of the Melisende residence located behind the Gasquinoy prison, in Béziers, are angry and very angry after the public office of the Béziers Méditerranée resident because of the increase in the amount of these charges. "It’s really disgusting, say the members of a tenant collective.We are taken for cash cows. We are constantly being invaded by people who make packages to send to the prison and we are made to pay for the damage done. This year, it’s still 300 euros; of regularization that we will have to assume. We don't want to pay. Furthermore, the buildings are not maintained and the cleaning is poorly done. There is damage. These are not old buildings. But they have a lot of defects and are therefore aging very poorly." The more time passes, for the tenants, the more they notice that the charges are increasing.

Letters to management

They have been complaining for years. They wrote to the president of the OPH to contest the increase in charges on the Mélisende residence. According to them, young people come to the common areas to prepare before throwing packages over the prison walls. They damaged the fence of the residence and caused a lot of damage to the common areas. The windows of the entrance doors were broken, the digital codes and their cameras destroyed. "They even come to our yards to set off fireworks. And with summer, it’s hellish. They shout from the prison and the young people respond to them from the residence or closer to the walls of the establishment. We cannot close our eyes at night. We need to be a little safer. Which is not the case today. If we ask them to leave, it goes badly. Because you still have to know that these people are not from our residence. Sometimes, they are not even registered in the department."

"300 € this is not true

Magali Bordja, the general director of the OPH, explains:"There is not 300 € load regulation. This is not true. At the request of residents, we have increased cleaning of the residence. Previously, we went through a company. We have hired two people for this and if in 2022 it costs us 98,000 euros, we have increased to 117,000 euros. There is also the increase in the tax on household waste and this represents an average of 43.72 euros; per accommodation. We are far from 300 € advanced."

As for the damage committed, the director describes these acts as vandalism. "For this residence, we voted in the board of directors for a budget of 48 000 € to rebuild fences that are damaged. We deplore this situation, but we too are victims as an organization. In any case, all damage caused is covered by our insurance. This is not passed on to tenants. Never. It’s planned like that. The repairs will be made, we are waiting for the funds to be released by the insurers. Unfortunately, this residence is not residentialized. Anyone can enter. For the safety of residents, video protection cameras will be installed shortly by the City."

"We're not going to call the police!"

At the moment, residents don’have few options. "We called the police, but we can't do it Everytime. It's not that we don't want it, but we're not at peace." And they explain: "If the police can’arrest the package preparers, we don'want them to ask for our help by installing equipment  nbsp;surveillance in our homes. It's a worry for us to respond to such a request. And then, we're not going to call the prison every time someone crosses the fence. It’s endless."

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