Collection cosmetics Karl Lagerfeld will be released posthumously

The legendary fashion designer worked on the collection during the life of

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June 27, 15:56

Коллекция косметики Карла Лагерфельда выйдет посмертно

Karl Lagerfeld

After the death of the eminent designer Karl Lagerfeld will be the products on which worked for legendary couturier. This is the case when human creativity is its continuation. So, in September of this year the sale will be make-up-Carla collection, made in collaboration with L’oreal Paris.

The latest collection of Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld took place in Paris. More about this in the story:

As reported on the official page of Instagram, the designer has signed a contract with the French brand long before his death. Of course, nobody expected that Lagerfeld will die and they will release a beauty line without him.

What cosmetics will be included in the sale, is not specified. The presentation of the collection will be held during the fashion week in Paris. Joint collection of brands will be in the style of “rock-chic with the spirit of Parisian elegance.”

Director of communications of the brand Karl Lagerfeld Caroline lebar, Singapore says that these funds are given to understand how much Carl loved makeup.

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“This range of makeup reflects the universe of the brand Karl Lagerfeld and Karl loved the makeup,” he told Caroline lebar, Singapore.

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