Collective rape: the proof contained on a dozen CDs

This is an impressive piece of evidence on a dozen CDs that was given to the lawyers who defend the teenagers and young adults accused in the group sexual assault case allegedly committed in Sherbrooke.

L was last week, six people, including adults, were charged in connection with three sexual assault cases in the group of adolescents that occurred in 2017.

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The four teenagers accused of gang rape

Some accused also face charges of threats and intimidation against some of the alleged victims.

Before Judge Hélène Fabi of the Court of Québec on Thursday, the lawyers of the only adult accused Dugbeh Blessing and another 19 year old continue their analysis of the evidence.

Me Mélissa Gilbert and Julie Beauchemin have postponed the files of their clients to May 1st.

Blessing Dugbeh is charged with a mass rape that occurred on February 12, 2017. In the adult court, the 19-year-old is charged with sexual assault and inciting sexual contact with another teenager under the age of 16 July 1, 2017.

Both individuals will remain in detention at least until that date when they will be released on bail.

As for the teenagers, their files were before Judge Lise Gagnon of the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec.

“There are several hours of evidence on the CDs that were given to us,” said Kim Dingman.

The lawyers agreed to postpone all the files of the teenagers to July 6th. At that time, they could take a position on the charges against them.

All the teenagers were released in this case. They must however respect many conditions which do not communicate with each other, with the alleged victims, do not allude to this case on social media must abide by a curfew. One of the accused is even under house arrest 24 hours a day.

A publication ban makes it impossible to disclose any factual information in the cases where the arrests were made last week.

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