College football: Beauce players boast on social networks of having destroyed the Bol d'or

College football: Beauce players boast on social networks of ;having destroyed the Bowl of Gold


Players of the Condors de Beauce-Appalaches who boasted on social networks of having demolished the Bol d'or Division 3 they had just won will have to answer for their actions.&nbsp ;

Photos posted on social media show the extent of the damage during the post-match celebrations when the players gathered in Saint-Georges to celebrate.

The bowl has been ripped from the base and the winners' chips have disappeared except for the 2021 Condors. We see a player with his medal around his neck and the Gaillards de Jonquière (2006-2007) chip between his teeth.

“The players have committed reprehensible acts,” lamented head coach Marc Loranger. I am disappointed and the players will have to answer for their actions. The Bol d'Or is an important symbol and several speakers were hurt by what they saw.”

Players will have to answer for their actions. “Players will have to make sure to return the trophy in the same condition as they received it and assume the costs related to the repairs, indicated Loranger. They will also have to apologize in a manner to be determined by management. We have to make sure that they learn a lesson and that such a situation does not happen again.”

If he preferred to wait for his director of the college sector to talk to the college management Beauce-Appalaches before commenting on the situation at greater length, Gustave Roel assures us that this is a first since he has been in post at the RSEQ. 

“I had never seen this in eight years, said the president and general manager of the RSEQ about the photos published on social networks. It can happen that the Cup is dropped and it comes back dented, but never in such a state according to what I have seen on social media.

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Involved in football for 40 years, Loranger has seen it all over the years, but he believes the ubiquity of social media amplifies the problem. “When you work with young people aged 17 to 20, it would be naive to believe that everything will turn out as you wish. There have always been these kinds of overflows and unfortunately there will be others. I do not excuse their actions. Under the influence of alcohol, smart guys have done things that are not smart. They lacked judgment and now realize they shouldn't have.”

“At the time, it remained internal, to pursue Loranger. Now they want to show on social media what they are capable of. We often talk about respecting the opponent, but social networks are harmful. Such gestures are not related to the message we are conveying.”

New rule

The College management has introduced a new rule more to the incidents of Saturday evening. “Players will no longer be able to post things that identify them to the Condors on the networks,” Loranger said. They are Condors between the white lines, but that's it.”

In light of the discussions with the school administration, the RSEQ management could take the file to the board of directors of the organization whose next meeting is scheduled for December 7.

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