College of the Sacred Heart: a major turning point for its survival

This is a revolution that will take place at the College of the Sacred Heart (CSC) of Sherbrooke with the arrival of a cohort of boys, in September 2019, a first for this institution for girls that will celebrate its 75 years of history.

The Belvédère Street Private School is giving itself a year and a half to prepare for a major shift to avoid a closure due to financial problems. As La Tribune announced Thursday morning , the College of the Sacred Heart will become mixed, but classes will remain unisex, confirmed the direction.

The Collège du Sacré-Cœur held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday evening to present the results of the parent survey conducted last February and the state of the college’s situation, said College Executive Director Sonia Daoust. “We did this exercise because the widespread rumors are causing significant damage in terms of customer recruitment.”
“We are aware of the improvements that need to be made and that is why we have put on the table an innovative project that will drive the college. at the beginning of the school year 2019-2020. A place will now be made for boys. ”
Mixed school, unisex classes, is a “winning formula” to accommodate the interests of families who also have high school boys. We want to reach the 300 students, 35 more than currently, said Ms. Daoust in a press conference.

Other institutions that have made such a shift have been consulted, particularly in Montreal. This principle has already proved its worth in a few institutions in the private network.

“From now on, the brothers of our students will be able to come to the CSC. It’s important for our families, “says the Executive Director.
“Why unisex classes? Because boys clearly do not learn the same way as girls and they do not have the same interests. They will have more sports on their schedule and options available, including martial arts. In girls, the renowned Dance concentration will continue, among others. ”

“At the beginning of the next school year, we had 30 students less”
– Sonia Daoust

We will focus on basketball and video game programming.
At the parents’ meeting on Wednesday night, we put cards on the table, says Pierre Rodier, chairman of the board. “The parents said yes to our project. They embarked. We did not know it before the meeting, he said. We are a solidarity cooperative. It’s another dynamic. Each member has one vote. ”
” We will have a 21st century, innovative school. ”
It was with a strong vote of confidence of 93 percent that parents showed support for these ideas and decided to give the opportunity to their daughter to live this change, adds one.
With its digital pedagogy on iPad, the CSC will form in September 2019, young people whose profile is sought by employers, that is to say with skills related to information and communication technologies (ICT) .
“These are the basic skills that are and continue to be sought,” says Ms. Daoust. For boys, there will even be video game programming.
Teacher Liaison Teacher
Five years ago, the number of students was about 500. This number would have decreased gradually thereafter. Ms. Daoust admits that the story of the former College teacher who was charged and found guilty of having a love affair with one of her former students hurt the institution.
“In the next academic year, we had 30 students less,” she recalls, adding that the case was “poorly managed”, since the two people in question are now in a relationship.
Remember that the then 25-year-old teacher had fallen in love with her former student, a connection accepted by the girl’s parents. The relationship was initially denounced by the private college.

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