Combat Booba VS Kaaris : end of the joke, this time, the octagon is officially cancelled

Combat Booba VS Kaaris : fin de la blague, cette fois, l'octogone est officiellement annulé

Booba VS Kaaris : their fight officially cancelled by the organizers

If you doubt still, it is now official : after we have been teasé for more than a year as the fight of the year, the octagon provided between Booba and Kaaris will not finally take place ! The CHS, which organized, announced in a video shared on Instagram the cancellation of the fight.

Since their brawl at the Orly airport on August 1, 2018, Booba and Kaaris kept us in suspense about their fight in an octagon. After the galleys of the organization, disagreements and many insults, the two rappers had to face-off on November 30 in Switzerland… before Kaaris does loose the case. Last September, the rapper from Sevran announced in an interview given to The Team that he no longer wished to participate in it because of the change of venue : “I have decided to put an end to this charade. Booba doesn’t want this fight. It is necessary to come back to reality. It is he who has initiated this history of combat in an octagon, so MMA. Six months ago, I had already made a video where I explained why this fight could not be but nobody listened to me. This story has generated a lot of excitement among the people. But no country in Europe wants to this event.”

The fight officially cancelled

The cancellation is official today : the CHS, which organised the event, has confirmed in a video shared on Instagram the cancellation of the fight : “The Octagon had to be installed at Geneva on 30 November 2019. Kaaris has not accepted the proposed terms and conditions, CHS will see you in 2020 for (other (ed) show” exceptional”, can we read.

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A publication sharing by SHC MMA (@shc_mma) 31 Oct. 2019 3 :37 pm PDT

The organizer takes it to Kaaris…

The organiser accused the interpreter of Bla-Bla to be at the origin of this reversal : “SHC has offered a room in Geneva to which all the permissions have been issued, gold Kaaris refused to fight in this room under the false pretense that there would be no public or funnier still, that the only audience this would be only constituted by the entourage of Booba, which is entirely untrue !” He takes her to the rapper : “Kaaris does not prefer anything since he who claironnait who wants to listen that he was going to ‘break the bones’ of his opponent, suddenly disappeared from the radar ! Talk is one thing, action is another. And it is clear that the small Kaaris vanished. All the rest is the wind !”.

… and Booba

But Booba also takes for his rank : “I remind you that if this fight was so complicated to arrange this is in large part due to the personality of the main stakeholders and their public statements throughout the negotiations of the preparatory phase. (…) That those who prefer to defer the blame on CHS have rather the courage to admit that being an MMA fighter doesn’t just happen, and deserves a real commitment and a lot of courage. But it is easier to pérorer on social networks rather than come fight !”

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