“Come on, let's stop…”: coup de theater in Affaire concluded, a saleswoman abruptly ends the auction and is reframed

"Come on, let's stop...": cup of tea; to be in a done deal, a saleswoman abruptly puts an end to the auction and is reframed

By Benoit Mandin TV Journalist Journalist specializing in the world of television, Benoit never misses an episode of Love is in the meadow, The Voice, Dance with the stars, Mask Singer, Star Academy or Who wants to be my partner. He is also a fan of Quotidien, C à vous and L’heure des pros. France 2 launched a new week of business concluded this Monday, February 20, 2023. During its second episode of the afternoon, Sophie Davant's magazine was shaken by a turn of events. A saleswoman abruptly put an end to the auction while the war was raging between Caroline Margeridon and Damien Tison…

Since the start of the 2017 school year, Sophie Davant has been present daily at the end of the afternoon with Deal concluded on France 2. Two episodes of his flea market magazine were offered by the public channel on Monday February 20, 2023.

&gt ;> Sophie Davant breaks an object in Closed deal <<

A sun table by Roger Capron agitates Closed deal

For its second episode of the afternoon, Closed deal was carried by Clément Anger, Djamel Bentenah, Damien Tison, Caroline Margeridon and Anne-Catherine Verwaerde. A sun table, signed by Roger Capron, agitated the buyers of the show. It was initially appraised for 4,000 euros by Enora Alix.

The object, presented as “very rare and very trendy”by the voice-over of Affaire concluded, was provided by Christiane. A duel quickly opened between Caroline Margeridon and Damien Tison. The bids soared to the point of making the seller lose her means…

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Christiane puts an abrupt end to the auction…

While Damien Tison had just made an offer at 6,600 euros, Christiane caused a dramatic change. “Come on, let's stop there…”, she suddenly launched, while heading towards the buyer. Caroline Margeridon did not fail to crop it sharply. “Wait! He was the one who said 6,600… No, but finally Christiane!“, she got carried away.

Caroline Margeridon asked Christiane to regain his place. “You must not say: 'Come on, we stop when it finally goes up like that…', outbid Anne-Catherine Verwaerde. The saleswoman denied not having a lot of patience. Caroline Margeridon then felt that she may have tried to sell him the object.

Christiane did not hide the fact that she would prefer to sell her sun table to Caroline Margeridon. The latter hastened to make an offer at 6,650 euros. But that was without counting on Damien Tison, who outbid by 50 euros. A bet that turned out to be a winner since the saleswoman agreed to make a deal concluded at 6,700 euros with him.