Come on Vladimir, do you really want us to swallow this snake?

Come on Vladimir, do you really want us to swallow this snake?


According to Russian authorities, the Ukrainians tried to assassinate Vladimir Putin using two drones packed with explosives. 

Yet Putin would paranoid. Several of his mansions are said to have similar interior decorations, so that no one knows where he is exactly when he is on video conferences. The places where he stays are probably bombproof. 

And the Ukrainians would have sent two pathetic drones to the Kremlin to kill him, without really knowing if he was sleeping there? 

Come on, Vladimir, do you really want us to swallow this snake?

In addition, the Russian authorities revealed that Putin was not in the Kremlin that night.

We really do not see why the Ukrainian army would have perpetrated such an attack, d especially since it opens the door to Russian reprisals against Volodymyr Zelensky. 

In the extreme, undisciplined Ukrainian mercenaries might have attempted this attack, but again, the outcome is so unlikely that one wonders why they would have wasted their equipment in this way.


The hypothesis of a coup by the Russians therefore seems the most likely. By whom, exactly? Probably by people trying to inflame Russian national sentiment and build popular support for Putin, making him look like a victim. By people who have an interest in seeing a sharp escalation in the conflict. 

In fact, the speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament has asked the government to respond to the assassination attempt “using weapons capable of stopping and destroying the Ukrainian government”.

Such a threat could slow down visits by foreign leaders to Ukraine and seriously complicate the daily decision-making Ukrainian elected officials.

Russian propaganda

Also note the accusation of the Russians against the Americans. The latter would have ordered the attack against Putin. 

Russian propaganda kills two birds with one stone. She tries to discredit the Ukrainian authorities who in fact would not decide anything, which is at the very least doubtful given the sacrifices of the Ukrainians. It also tries to discredit the United States, which, without faith or law, would break all conventions and go so far as to assassinate Putin.

It is true that many people wish Putin dead. But that's not the kind of thing leaders of great states do to each other, because such assassinations risk triggering blood feuds that eventually affect all leaders. 

If Joe Biden really wanted to assassinate Putin, he would surely find a way to do it, and vice versa for Putin. 

In short, if this assassination attempt is a Russian intelligence set-up, as it seems be, it reveals a certain disarray of the Russian leadership. 

If it comes from undisciplined Ukrainian forces, then the Russian reaction is completely disproportionate to the real threat, and it is also a sign of dismay.

Come on Vladimir, will you do we really swallow this snake?