Come see my renovations: Kevin Raphael takes to the road

Viens voir mes rénos: Kevin Raphael reprend la route

MONTREAL | Kevin Raphael didn’t know what a backsplash was unaware of how to lay floating flooring, and had, by his own admission, “hands full of thumbs” when it has won the mandate to host Come see my renovations, to CASA.

The one who believed it to be a joke when he was offered to take command of the issuance of the renovations, last year, says today without hesitation that the experience has been one of the most beautiful of his young career.

The height of a wealth of knowledge in the field of renovation and decoration, the young man of 28 years preparing to resume filming for a second season Just to see my renovations, which will be distributed to CASA as soon as the fall. The production is currently in full research of the participants who would like to engage in work outside of their place of residence or retype the interior, enjolivant their basement, their kitchen or their garage, for example, and play the game of the competition.

“I can’t wait to get back on the road and meet with new candidates, lance Kevin in the interview. I want to go to Trois-Rivières, Quebec; I want to go everywhere! Often, three cities in one day, but this is not serious, because we have fun and that is the fact in a gang.”

Sanitary measures

Accustomed to the style more of a force of TVA Sports, the host of the Kevin Raphael Show , and the issuance of Wrestling WWE Raw (he hosted “for 147 weeks in a row”!) said to have learned the understanding, the patience and the indulgence to Come see my renovations, with guests who had hitherto never done television.

The young communicator also welcomed the fact that CASA opens its doors to the headliners of his own age; we know that Valérie Chevalier and his sister, two young thirty-somethings, will also have their appointment on the string at the back, Two sisters and a duplex. Additions to the grid that may be of interest to a new generation of owners.

“We moved them all into houses between 25 and 30 years, approximately. Until recently, nobody explained to us how it worked. It is reassuring to see someone of my age settling into his first house and not knowing anything about either. Finally, CASA is intended for the young people who want to buy houses and gives them a chance, not to mention those who have been there since the beginning,” judge Kevin Raphael.

And that those who are concerned about the prospect of filming Just to see my renovations in July to reassure them. Kevin Raphael shows himself adamant: nothing is left to chance, he says.

“We take very seriously the security measures to prevent the spread of the COVID and not contaminate anyone. To those who are worried, I answer that we are, ourselves, more worried that they will never be. Because, if someone catches the COVID, it will take two weeks of leave. And two weeks is a long time and it’s expensive! [Laughter] The boss will take it very seriously…”

Those interested in participating to Come see my renovations may register now at

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