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After almost two years of pandemic, the Montreal Book Fair returns to the Palais des congrès de Montreal on Thursday, to the delight of the Director General, Olivier Gougeon, who describes the event in one word : “& Nbsp; Finally! & Nbsp;”

The 2021 edition, which continues until November 28, takes place under the theme of the meeting, a theme particularly well chosen at a time when we all want to meet again.

The move from the Salon du livre to the Palais des congrès was initially planned for the 2019 edition, which finally took place at Place Bonaventure, pandemic oblige. As for the 2020 edition, it also suffered from lockdown and had to take place online. It is therefore Thursday that the Book Fair makes its long-awaited return, reserving a few surprises in passing.

How will the event take place with the sanitary measures?

You will have to adapt at all times, that's for sure. For us, the priority was never to make it happen at any cost, but if, and only if, we were able to hold it safely. It seemed obvious to us that we should ask everyone for the vaccination passport, even as the situation improved. Then, wearing a mask will be compulsory for everyone.

Where did you get the idea for this year's theme?

The theme of the meeting came to us straight away. We thought, “Finally! We can meet. At last ! We can meet & nbsp; ”. It's been two years that we have been in a pandemic, two years that we are supposed to have a first show at the Palais des congrès. It's a very feverish moment for us.

In addition to the other sub-themes of the meeting of ideas, elsewhere, tomorrow and Montreal, there is also that of meeting the other, which places particular emphasis on diversity. Would you say that the place given to diversity this year is more important than in past editions?

I like to say that the Salon is at the service of the book community and that it must be the showcase for the concerns and issues that publishers illustrate. It is an environment that is showing, at the moment, a great desire to open up more. Its very important for us. Moreover, this year we have the chance to echo the 10th anniversary of the First Nations Book Fair with several activities, a round table and a kiosk specially reserved for indigenous literature in the center of the Palace.

Why did you choose to open the Salon with your three-part formula?

This year, it's not just the Salon at the Palais des congrès, but three Salons [ online, in the city and in presence with the kiosks] which complement each other. We want to make sure that there are more meeting points for readers. Moreover, it is a formula that is here to stay. & Nbsp;

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