Comedian Edgar Fruitier convicted of indecent assault

Le comédien Edgar Fruitier reconnu coupable d'attentats à la pudeur

The actor and host Edgar Fruitier, was found guilty yesterday of charges of indecent assault committed on a teenager in the 1970s who considered him his ” big brother “.

“Things that were real and do not lend themselves to any ambiguity,” said judge Marc Bisson in reading her verdict in the courthouse of Longueuil. The complainant offered testimony honest, sincere, devoid of any exaggeration, and has not been contradicted on the nature of the actions taken in its place. “

The man of 90 years has welcomed the decision without flinching. Decked out in a mask, in his nineties was difficult to move around in the court.

The victim in the case was also present for the occasion. The man seemed emotional and relieved at the time to hear Edgar Fruitier, be found guilty.

“It’s been 46 years that I have waited for this, he gave up, thanking the judge for having thought it. It is a huge burden less for me and for my family. I can’t explain what I can feel. “

It is impossible to be identified due to a publication ban.

The judge Bisson has convicted the man of the theatre of three separate events, where he would have grabbed three times his victim from behind him attoucher the genitals.


The first movements date back to the summer of 1974, while the complainant was 16 years old. The teenager saw the lover as his ” big brother “.

The one who has lent his voice to Mr. Burns in The Simpsons he was then dug up a job in a theatre in the eastern Townships, and had proposed to host it in his cottage, at Eastman.

One night, Fruit was held back at the point of the deadlift, when they were in the kitchen.

“I have heard nothing, he came up behind me to attack me, to take me, he had recounted in his testimony. I was small, I had the feeling that I was floating in the void. He may be lifted five feet in the air. “

The veteran actor then has him attouché the genitals and attempted to undo his pants. The alleged victim was able to break away from the hug and running to the theater.

“The accused, in order to reassure the complainant and to give trust, also told him : “it stops there, it doesn’t do anything more”. This statement of the accused can draw the inference that the action taken by the accused was of a sexual nature, ” said the magistrate.

Also in 1976

However, similar movements occurred on two other occasions, either in 1976, at the home of the accused, in Brossard, where he was hired to do housework.

“I felt compelled to go there. I was not able to say no, has he entrusted to you. It was less rough than in Eastman, but his hand did the same thing. She is down again on my sex. “

Edgar Fruitier has never testified in his defence. By the voice of his lawyer, Robert Polnicky, he did know his version of the story, claiming that he had never had any intention sexual and that it was only assault.

Observations on the punishment of the man of the theatre will take place on 9th October next. The Crown prosecutor in the case has not indicated his intentions. It is punishable by a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

“The sentence, it is not important. This is not a revenge. It is up to the Court to decide “, for its part, indicated the victim in this case.

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