Comedian Edgar Fruitier convicted of indecent assault

Le comédien Edgar Fruitier reconnu coupable d'attentats à la pudeur

Comedian Edgar Fruitier, has been found guilty of charges of indecent assault committed on a teenager in the 1970s, this morning at the palais de justice de Longueuil.

“Things that were real and do not lend themselves to any ambiguity,” said judge Marc Bisson reading his verdict. The complainant offered testimony honest, sincere, devoid of any exaggeration.”

The man of 90 years has welcomed the decision without flinching. With his mask at the chin, in his nineties was difficult to move around in the court.

The trial of the man of the theater on charges of indecent assault took place in early June.

If Fruit has not testified in his defence, it is by the voice of his lawyer, Robert Polnicky, he did know his version of the story.

For its part, the Crown’s evidence relied on the testimony of the victim alleged, that we cannot identify due to a publication ban, made during the preliminary inquiry, a year ago.

He was also present at the verdict. He seemed emotional and relieved at the time to hear Edgar Fruitier, be found guilty.

The man of the theatre will know his sentence on 9th October.

More details to come …

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