Comedian Fred Dubé targeted by allegations of sexual assault

Comedian Fred Dub targeted by sexual assault allegations


Two well-known authors accused comedian Fred Dubé of sexual assault over the weekend. 

Thus, Mélodie Drouin chose to denounce , Saturday, after the publication of an article in La Presse in connection with the Julien Lacroix affair. “On June 21, 2017, in his Montreal apartment, comedian Fred Dubé attacked me,” she wrote immediately, adding that she later had meetings with a worker from the Assault Assistance Centers. (CALACS).

According to the author, the comedian and his wife at the time, columnist Catherine Éthier, then took steps with the police to have her shut up.

Catherine Éthier

Something that Mrs. Éthier refuted on Sunday, according to her Mr. Dubé would have taken the steps alone.

It is also in this message that the columnist, who has been in a relationship for four years with the comedian, confessed to having also been a victim of him. 

“During this relationship, Fred Dubé sexually assaulted me. He threatened me physically, without ever hitting me. These people know when to stop the fist. I have experienced psychological, verbal and sexual violence. I have lost count of the humiliations he has subjected me to, in both the private and public spheres. The betrayals. He also threatened me, once, to kill us both”, she indicated on Facebook.

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