ComediHa!: a secure future for Ladies Night

ComediHa!: a secure future for Ladies Night


After 20 years of touring and 900 performances, the Ladies Night phenomenon is far from running out of steam. Large-scale residency, export and event projects are in the plans for the comedy, whose future is assured thanks to ComediHa!, which has just acquired the rights to the New Zealand-based comedy .

Ladies Night, for you ladies!, a comedy that started filming in Quebec in the early 2000s, begins a new tour of the province on Tuesday evening in the capital with a completely revised edition. 

The staging of Denis Bouchard has been revamped with new choreographies by Jean-Marc Généreux, and makes way for a new cast with Joey Scarpellino, Sébastien Leblanc, Patrick Emmanuel Abellard, Guillaume Rodrigue, Julie Ringuette as well as Denis Bouchard, alternating with Michel Laperrière.   

Even after two decades, the production is still lucrative. The vast majority of tickets for performances in Quebec City, as well as at the Théâtre Maisonneuve in Montreal from September 29 to October 1, have found takers. 

If the show is still far from beating the With 3,300 performances of Broue, Ladies Night remains one of the longest-lived shows in Quebec. 

And if the public is still there, it is thanks to its universal history with which many people can identify, according to the president and founder of ComediHa!, Sylvain Parent-Bédard.

“There are always new audiences, it's a real classic,” he explains. […] There is a curiosity for the story, and of course, there is all the spectacular side as well. »

Enhancing the experience< /p>

With such a franchise in hand, ComediHa! now wish to bring Ladies Nightto another level.

Comedy export projects, including to English Canada, are in the plans, as well as publishing and content development projects for various platforms. But above all, ComediHa! think of setting up the show somewhere in residence.

The production company wants to improve the experience of the spectator. 

“ We would like to create an application that will be able to bring the spectator to live an experience, to dive into the world of Ladies Night, from the purchase of his ticket until he leaves the room,” says Sylvain Parent-Bédard. < /p>

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