Comedy la bonne franquette

De la comédie à la bonne franquette

The opportunities to see theatre this summer are almost non-existent. The New theatre of the Island of Orleans offers, since 10 July, the comedy la bonne franquette.

Dubbed Comedy on the grass, those evenings in the open air are presented in front of 50 spectators with aloofness.

Saturday, we took the evening of the previous day which had been postponed due to the uncertain weather.

One hour before the show, people have already arrived. They “picnic” on the spot. The atmosphere is relaxed. The truck-bar-dairy Ice-Breaker is this for a small ” soft “, a sundae or slush coloured.

The rope circles yellow and are laid out on the grass to delineate the spaces for the spectators.

These shows, approximately 75 minutes, presented on Friday, until the end of August, are made up of small parts in the form of readings. The short pieces and the actors change every Friday.

Saturday, the evening started strong with a Surprise ! Surprise ! of Michel Tremblay’s play that he wrote in 1975.

Installed in front of the phones with black dial from another era, Frédérique Bradet, Marie-Pier Lagacé and Caroline Stephenson were the height and funny in this short piece where a surprise party goes awry after an imbroglio.

250 spectators

The actresses are playing, and we hear, sometimes, or cars, or motorcycles circulate during their delivery. It was good to see the theatre in the flesh after a silence of four months.

Elijah St-Cyr then pointed at the stage, arranged in front of the barn adjacent to the theatre, with the character of Roger Gull, popularized by Rémy Girard, during a Monday Ha ! Ha !

Claude Montminy, co-director of the New Theatre on the Island, played one of his texts with Marie-Pier Lagacé. Pascal “Pico” Larouche finished the evening with a few humorous songs which I coucoune mode COVID-19.

The evenings start at 19: 30 and it is impossible to book his place. It is first-come and first-served basis, but with the number of spectators who goes to 250, the co-directors Claude Montminy and Sébastien Dorval should not refuse people by the end of the month of August. A voluntary contribution of $ 20 in cash is suggested.

The toilet of the theatre are open and the bar is closed. It is necessary to bring her chair and her non-alcoholic beverages.

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