Comic strips: politics of the body

Bande dessinée: politique des corps

The second component ofEcstasies, series in which Jean-Louis Tripp tells the story with humor, sensitivity and shameless in its quest of a healthy sex life as a swinger, is much more political than it seems.

Initiated in 2017, the excellent series there is nothing pornographic or even erotic, for little that the reader does not merely address the work in a superficial way. Through these bodies and these genders in the plural reflecting the real is a rousing call to dialogue as a tool of opening up the taboos and shame. “After the nine volumes of general Store, another a story of emancipation that I have shown in two hands with Régis Loisel, I couldn’t manage to reconnect with my own drawing. Also, I was looking for a strong project in which I started, tells Jean-Louis Tripp. As Governed was my confidant, knew all about my sex life. It is him, as well as our editor Benoit Informant who convinced me to tell me. “This project is not only an opportunity for the artist to regain his stroke, but also to take a life largely lived in the misunderstanding.

Out of the closet

As if he gave his body to science, the artist, depraved, if exposes. Without ever sinking into the didactisme, the autoapitoiement or the facility, this volume deals with humor and delicacy of her adult life, driven by a sense of shift with respect to their sexuality in front of the other. Yet biographical, Ecstasy causes a mirror effect in the readers, confronting them and to take stock of their own sexuality. The album even attracts the confidences, admits the author. “Many readers were pleased to have a vision of the interior of the sexuality of a man. Also, it is not uncommon for couples to find a space of dialogue. Ecstasies allows me to release the word, and validate the feeling. “Focusing on the intimate, the album reached the universality, because in the end, this is not Tripp that it is a question, but the player.

One of the great merits ofEcstasies, in addition to his inventiveness graph and its sumptuous boards, is to relate male sexuality to emotion, something rarely addressed in the medium of the comic strip. The story is also highly political. “All of the time, the social struggles have passed through the body, especially that of the woman : contraception, abortion, #metoo. Even during the current pandemic, we can say that the government has controlled our body through the containment, in which we had to fold collectively. “

Like the games of love, the pen of the author caress the paper at random, without any real plan or scenario. Only an immense talent of the stature of Tripp may grant such a freedom. Relevant, current, generous, committed, Ecstasies us through the heart and the soul as few works do know.

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