Coming out, children and beloved: the judge “s Tancu with a stars” Gomez candidly revealed the details of his personal life

Каминг-аут, дети и возлюбленный: судья "Танців з зірками" Гомес откровенно раскрыл подробности личной жизни

today, 18:18

Parents and children

So, Gomez shared her past and told me how hard his childhood was. He also with some cold and told about his father.

“We lived very simply, poor. My mother came to London to work as a nanny, due to the Colombian authorities. She wanted to be a dancer, met my father thanks to my friend. My father was a businessman, kept a bar, and they were the perfect couple. But there I accidentally. I think my mom was already on the 5th or 6th month, and only then found out about the pregnancy. Because she was long a flat stomach. My dad died 12 years ago, I think. 11-12, Yes. He was not a better father, a bit alcoholic – could disappear for 2-3 days and then come home. Mom was an atypical woman – very strong. And we ran away once, mom just left a note at the door. And became a loner. Then I lived in a very cheap hotel about two years, until the government helped with housing,” – says the choreographer.

Каминг-аут, дети и возлюбленный: судья "Танців з зірками" Гомес откровенно раскрыл подробности личной жизни

Francisco Gomez

The gap with my mom and growing up

Francisco also recalled a difficult gap in my life. He lost the most native person for the whole 10 years because of their sexual orientation.

“At 19 I had my first world tour. Left, and when I came back, my mom saw that I really changed. Because in this round, matured, understood the kind of person I want to be, experimenting with fashion, my sexuality is established… that All changed and my mom saw these changes. She asked if I’m gay, and I said, “ask me No questions that may hurt your feelings.” But it still hurt her and she disowned me for almost ten years. Almost ten years we have had no relations”, – said the judge of the show “Dances with stars z”.

Каминг-аут, дети и возлюбленный: судья "Танців з зірками" Гомес откровенно раскрыл подробности личной жизни

Francisco Gomez

Coming out father

Gomez also remembered how frankly confessed to his father about the orientation. His reaction surprised the choreographer, as such he did not expect to hear.

“I confessed to the father, but not immediately. Because he visited the restaurant, where there were many Spaniards. And one of them said to him: “How’s your gay son?” This made him very angry, and he had a heart attack. And that was the reason why I didn’t want to admit the father was afraid that he will again attack. But this time I decided I will tell it like it is. And when he did, things were much different than with mom. He asked me questions: what do you want kids? I explained to him everything and he told me: “not going to love you less.” And my dad told me he loved me, maybe 3-4 times in my life. So for me it was a great moment. Then the Pope died. He underwent surgery two months after these events, he could not recover. Six months slowly died. Another family from my mother or father was not, so my mother and I were left alone”, – he said.

Каминг-аут, дети и возлюбленный: судья "Танців з зірками" Гомес откровенно раскрыл подробности личной жизни

Francisco Gomez

Awareness of sexual orientation

“On the 18th birthday I received the gift of a trip to Los Angeles from his girlfriend. By the time we had gone, but she still gave me a ticket. And when I got there, where nobody knew me and my story, I could just be myself and to experiment. And he did it for the first time. It was scary, but ended with the confirmation of who I really wanted to be. I have had sex with women after that, but I don’t think I’m bisexual. For me sex is communication. For example, know that men can have sex with men, but because society condemns them, they do not. And sex with another man doesn’t make you gay. We can be sexually fluid. I can have sex with a woman, satisfy her, if we attract each other, and we have a connection. That doesn’t make me bisexual. I want relationships only with men, but can have sex with women,” admitted Francisco.

Is there a second half

“I wouldn’t call it “I miss you. love”. I don’t know! I don’t know! Just I like it, and it seems to be mutual. But it’s hard because he can’t give me what I want because of his age. And it’s not his fault, but he doesn’t want what I need! He can’t give me what I want, and I’m in a situation where happy, but not satisfied. And it’s really a difficult position. Especially because for so many years that to me has not happened. I was very careful, very choosy. And then this dude for some reason touches me,” frankly confessed British choreographer.

Каминг-аут, дети и возлюбленный: судья "Танців з зірками" Гомес откровенно раскрыл подробности личной жизни

Francisco Gomez

The representative of the LGBT creative profession

“It is very difficult! Even much harder, because you always have something to prove. Even if you’re an artist, or a stylist, or someone else, sometimes people perceive it as a disease. When I was growing up, it was impossible to do so openly! Then there was, for example, activists or any possibilities. Being a professional dancer, always had to prove not only that a good dancer, but the fact that I’m man enough to dance behind the artist! That’s why masculinity is toxic: a man can be feminine, and it does not mean that he is gay. You have to have both sides, you know?”, – said Gomez.


“I love children! What would I not give to, but I want two. Fertilization? Yes, I want this option. Want it was my child. So my husband and I will use the same egg of one woman, and have children separately. And they are brothers and sisters. There are agencies where you choose the woman, you have interviews and so on. I think this is the right way. If only I won’t have a beautiful girlfriend who does not want to have children and give us two eggs. It would also be great. I had one friend I thought she was a lesbian, but apparently not. But it would be ideal to have her eggs. View. When this is the situation, we think about how we as a family will get,” admitted Francisco.

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