Common sense and physical activity at the heart of bicycle travel

Common sense and physical activity at the heart of bicycle travel

Soyons honnêtes, les cyclistes ne sont pas les derniers en termes de comportement douteux Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Cette semaine avec Le Nez dans le Guidon, on fait le point sur quelques règles de bon sens et sur l’apport, bénéfique pour la santé, d’une pratique quotidienne du vélo. Allez, en selle !

Honestly ? Traffic is complicated in the city. Whether you are a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, getting around Montpellier is a gymkhana. What can we say about the ever-increasing traffic in the Écusson ? Between scooters and other electric bikes, it's starting to become really unpleasant. So be careful where you step and, above all, look behind you before crossing, whatever the direction of traffic. Some machines are absolutely silent.

But let's be honest, cyclists aren't the last in terms of questionable behavior. Do I necessarily ride at 25km/h because that's the limit of my bike? Certainly not!

You take your car
with defective brakes ?

Do I systematically drive in the prohibited direction because it is authorized in zone 30 ? No more ! You take your car with faulty brakes? No. Well on a bike it’s the same.

And be careful! In the event of a personal accident (a child crosses in front of you without warning), your bike will be seized, checked, it must brake correctly with both brakes. In the event of a defect, you become de facto responsible. The bell ? It is essential when you overtake.

In order to leave with peace of mind in the morning, plan a good service per year, every six months if it's a bicycle job. It will cost you around sixty euros excluding parts. If you supplement with a little cleaning every two or three months, then you will have peace of mind.

A matter of circulation and fluids

Now, take your bike with pleasure, be courteous, give way to pedestrians, and ride with a smile! No better way to start your day off right.

And as Bixente Lizarazu said, a few days ago on the radio: when you cycle, do sport, you promote the circulation of fluids in your body, you activate the heart pump and you oxygenate your gray matter. It’is the difference between a mountain lake fed by a stream and a body of stagnant water.

Section produced with Le Criquet de Talus velociste at 3, rue Lunaret.

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