Community montreal YUL I: the place of meeting between the entertainment and artificial intelligence

Communauté montréalaise YUL AI: le lieu de rencontre entre le divertissement et l’intelligence artificielle

Showcase québec know-how, research centres, development projects, YUL I will bring together professionals and enthusiasts of artificial intelligence with the powerful entertainment industry is well established in both Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec.

More recent, developments in the artificial intelligence (AI) is experiencing a very rapid development. In other words, it was only a matter of time before these two worlds do not meet.

“It was thus logical to establish a community to facilitate the meeting of these worlds, the convergence of the knowledge and form a space of encounters and discoveries,” one can read on the YouTube page.

The applications of AI in the entertainment industry

On the site YUL.HAVE, it lists a few of the opportunities offered by the twinning of the two sectors :

  • Video games : control of non-player characters based on the behavior of the players;
  • Film Production : automation of tasks (storyboard, breakdown scripts, create schedules, generation of lists of plans, managing budgets, etc);
  • Automation of sub-titles by the processing of the natural language;
  • Events general public : recruiting, crowd management, content marketing, tailored, analysis of the public, security measures;
  • Music : parts lists personalized according to the tastes and listen to consumers;
  • Broadcast sports: identification of objects and actions at sporting events, assistance in the selection of plans and angles fun.

To manage the day-to-day activities of the members on YUL-I, an application will periodically content in various forms : lectures, forum discussions, announcements, networking, industry news, etc

Great world conference in Montreal and virtual

To come very soon, the official launch of YUL-AI will take the form of a world-class meeting bringing together more than 1,500 people, September 30, October 1 and 2, in Montreal, writes the site.

The hybrid will participate in person or virtually through a solution of broadcast-quality television – pandemic obliges.

Among the major issues that will be covered include :

  • Security (privacy, copyright, teleworking, protection of data, etc.);
  • The monetization of content consumption online;
  • Adversity as a generator of creativity;
  • The future after the global crisis caused by the COVID-19;
  • The impact of AI in service of the tourism industry;
  • The user experience.

And this is only the beginning, the potential is so great in the entertainment and the applications of artificial intelligence that these two have not finished to surprise us.

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