Completely captivating new perennials!

Completely captivating new perennials!


Each year, the North American horticultural market is literally overwhelmed with hundreds of plant novelties. In this column, I present to you some of the most promising and exciting new perennials of 2023!


Astilbe 'Dark Side of the Moon'

Here is one of the rare astilbes with black foliage. Among the innumerable cultivars of astilbes, we find mainly green foliage and some varieties tinged with yellow or red, but very few whose foliage is purple, even less black!

The superb foliage of the astilbe 'Dark Side of the Moon' is an exception. In July, its very dark, almost black leaves beautifully show off its panicles of purple-tinged pink flowers, which reach nearly 60cm in height.

Even if this astilbe has a preference for partial shade and light shade, it also accepts full sun, provided that the soil where its roots sink remains always humid. Like all astilbes, this plant likes light soils, abundantly amended with compost.


Hosta 'Siberian Tiger'

The 'Siberian Tiger' hosta is simply unique! Its striped and luminous foliage, green marked with yellow streaks, is absolutely incomparable.

Several years ago, a Dutch horticulturist brought a very unique hosta from Japan. Although it is very difficult to certify it, some experts believe that the plant in question is the cultivar 'Mito No Hana'. However, the horticulturist who discovered this incredible hosta preferred to call it 'Siberian Tiger', a name that suits it perfectly.

This is one of the first hostas with striped foliage. Its green leaves have narrow yellow stripes that seem to glow in the light of day. Over time, the stripes take on a greener tint, diminishing the contrast.

Although a small hosta measuring just over 30cm in height, 'Siberian Tiger' makes a strong impression when planted at the edge of a border or displayed in a pot.

At home in most cool but well-drained soils, this hosta will perform well if planted in humus-rich soil with good water and nutrient holding capacity. It is advisable to put plenty of compost in the pit when planting and then spread it about 2 to 3 cm thick at its base each spring.


Heuchera 'Pink Panther'

As it emerges from the ground in the spring, the foliage of this magnificent heuchera is a metallic pink colour. As the season progresses, its leaves take on a purple hue with darker veins.

This perennial also produces many small, bell-shaped pink flowers in summer on delicate stems just over 30cm tall.

Heuchera 'Pink Panther' is at its best. comfortable if planted in the sun or in partial shade, in light and always cool, but perfectly well-drained soil, with a rather high humus content.


'Ruby Gold' Bleeding Heart

With its gracefully arching stems bearing delicate flowers, bleeding heart has long been cultivated as an ornamental plant in North America. Its common name was inspired by its flowers which have the shape of small hearts from which seems to escape a drop of blood formed by the interior petals.

A brand new cultivar of bleeding heart with golden foliage called 'Ruby Gold' has just appeared on the horticultural market. In addition to its orange stems and new shoots, this plant produces many dark pink flowers in the spring that contrast sharply with its bright foliage. This imposing perennial can reach almost a meter in height and survives winter conditions that prevail down to zone 4.

'Ruby Gold' Bleeding Heart prefers partial to light shade and should benefit from rich, moist, but well-drained soil. To prevent its foliage from discoloring, be sure to plant this bleeding heart in a cool, partially shaded spot where it will be well protected from the hot rays of the afternoon sun, against a wall or hedge facing east for example. Also, make sure to keep the soil where its roots are well moist by laying an organic mulch at its base. Every spring, spread 2 to 3 cm thick compost at the base of this bleeding heart.

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