Complicated to be left behind the young party-goers

Compliqué de faire distancer les jeunes fêtards

Owners of bars and pubs to try a variety of ideas to avoid going to the “nazis” with their customers fêtarde while ensuring compliance with the rules of social distancing.

“Washing your hands. We know where they have been before… ” This is one of the 10 commandments funny bar Dirty D, located in the heart of the Quartier Dix30 on the South Shore.

“What are the 10 things that you must repeat every five minutes,” says the co-owner Manny Empty. In some night clubs, it even goes so far as to require the use of covers-face.

The Dirty D, there is now more of a dance, or salsa lessons. But the area of the terrace has nearly doubled and you can taste the tacos and margaritas are authentic.

And as the customers need to eat sitting down, the bar has created a system of stamps to ensure that clients remain in their section.

“Half and half “

“It’s really half-and-half. On the one hand, we congratulate […]. People are even more generous than before in the tips, ” says Mr. Blank.

But a good part of the clientele has a tendency to grumble, or to poorly rate the institution on social networks, especially when the maximum capacity is reached due to the social distancing.

“There are some who say : “well, I want to enter”. “I’m going to return to such a place, where I’m going to get respect ”, illustrates Mr. Blank.

Since their reopening, several owners of bars are caught between two conflicting roles : that of provider of party where you can go crazy, and the guards of sanitary rules.

“All your life you been in the hospitality […] And then, the customers [we] take them to be nazis. It is untenable, ” says Jean-Sébastien Michel, owner of the bar experimental Alkademie, in Montreal.

The tenants are ” left to themselves “, criticizes those who believe that the government should raise awareness specific to the clientele of the bars. “Because there are institutions who care, who are throwing rocks,” says-t it.

100 % terrace

This is why it has rameuté fifteen tenants who are keen to do things so that they can share their good ideas.

Many rely entirely on their terrace, which was extended thanks to the piétonnisation many of the streets.

Owners of bars, such as Philip Haman, worried about the difficulties to enforce the sanitary measures and fear that the recalcitrant will not sound the end of their reopening.

“That’s what saved us “, said Philippe Haman, the owner of The Distillery, on Mont-Royal avenue, in the city.

The pub L’amère à boire on St-Denis, exit the benches where the customers can find themselves piled up : they must sit down on the large chairs of the individual.

“It has taken many measures to prevent this, rather than having to try to change the behaviour,” says owner René Guindon.

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