Compulsory vaccination for truckers from Saturday

Mandatory vaccination for truckers from Saturday


As of Saturday, Canadian truckers who are not adequately vaccinated will be required to be tested upon entry and on day 8 after their return to the country, while respecting the quarantine. < /p>

“Unvaccinated Canadian truckers will be required to meet pre-arrival, on arrival and day 8 screening, and quarantine requirements,” the Public Health Agency of Canada shared Thursday.< /p>

While unvaccinated Canadian truckers cannot be refused entry into the country under the law, the situation is different for foreign truckers.

Public Health announced that effective Saturday, “unvaccinated or partially vaccinated trucking foreign nationals arriving in Canada from the United States by land will be deported to the United States.”

“ The final decision on the entry into the country and on the quarantine of the individual rests with the government representative stationed at the point of entry, according to the information presented to him, “said the agency all the time.

The federal government will indeed go ahead with the vaccination requirement for truckers, contrary to the “erroneous” information conveyed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) on Wednesday evening.

Organizations related to the trucking industry, including the Quebec Trucking Association (ACQ), had received erroneous information from the CBSA that Ottawa had granted a week's delay to give “oxygen” to the industry, hence the confusion.

Its CEO, Marc Cadieux, said he was “disappointed that the government has created confusion at a time when the industry is fragile”. “We didn't need that,” he said.

In an interview, Mr. Cadieux said he learned that the government maintained politics through the media, and that no one in Ottawa had contacted the ACQ during the day to correct the situation.

A source in the government indicated that the note sent had not been verified by the offices of the ministries concerned and that it could even have been sent by mistake.

The Ministers of Health, Transport and Public Safety clarified the situation in a joint communiqué on Thursday afternoon. “The information shared [on Wednesday] was wrong. Our teams have communicated with industry representatives to ensure they have the correct information,” they wrote.

The policy was announced on November 19.

Government and industry estimate that the rate of truckers who are not adequately vaccinated ranges between 10% and 15%.

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