Computer attacks: Canada fears Russian hackers

Computer attacks: Canada fears Russian hackers


Russia's computer attacks pose the greatest risk to Canadian security, particularly those targeting critical infrastructure, according to a recent report tabled in the House of Commons.< /p>

The House of Commons Standing Committee on March 7 tabled its study entitled “Ready for the Challenge: Strengthening Canada's Security Posture in Relation to Russia”, in which it issues recommendations to better protect the country against cyberattacks.

In the face of malicious cyber activity originating from Russia – but also from China, Iran and North Korea – operators of critical infrastructure should be more prepared to deal with cyber incidents, it reads.

“Cyberattacks by Russian criminal gangs have harmed Canadian municipalities, healthcare organizations and more, and cost tens of millions of dollars,” says David Shipley, chief executive of Beauceron Security, which took part in this study.

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