Conceived in a single day the twins were born with a difference in 97 days

Born twins become world Champions, say the doctors clinic

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Зачатые в один день близнецы родились с разницей в 97 дней

In Cologne, a woman gave birth to children with a difference in 97 days

A woman named Oksana from the German city of Cologne has given birth two twins with a difference of 97 days, according to the publication pages of The Times.

The woman was carrying twins and was in her sixth month (26th week). November 17, 2018, her water broke, and doctors had to conduct an emergency C-section. The weight of a newborn who was named Liana, was only 900 grams. The doctors decided not to remove the second baby from the womb, to be born in due time.

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“The conditions were pretty good with the second placenta, — said the chief doctor of the maternity ward Uwe shellenberger. — We gave the child the opportunity to form entirely”. 22 February of the current year came to light the second, a girl named Leonie. Her weight was up to 3.7 kilograms.

The first few weeks after birth, Oksana was in the hospital under medical supervision. After that, the patient was discharged.

According to the clinic, the twins became world Champions. “According to our research, prior to that, in 2012, Ireland had twins with a difference of 87 days,” said shellenberger.

Recall that earlier this year in the United States also successfully separated conjoined twins – Anna and hope Richards. We also reported the girl from India who was born with a twin-parasite growing out of her torso.

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