Concern at the Millau hospital, boom at the arenas, Run Festival in Montpellier… the essential news in the region

Concern at the Millau hospital, boom at the arenas, Run Festival in Montpellier... the essential news in the region

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Heart of Hérault, the sacred union

#TOURISM – The three tourist offices of Clermontais, Lodévois & Larzac and the Hérault Valley have decided to join forces to promote the Heart of Hérault destination. Friday April 5, they presented the Destination Languedoc Cœur d’Hérault card. There are 77 municipalities and three major sites, Lake Salagou, the Hérault gorges and the Navacelles cirque. This map offers discovery itineraries lasting five to seven days, to be carried out as a family. More information on

Today’s number: 50

#RANKING –The city of Perpignan appears in the 50th and last place in the ranking of cities where life is good for women, produced by Current Woman. The magazine analyzed four themes: the provision of specific care, security, the living environment and the action of municipal authorities. In this ranking, Montpellier appears in 16th place, tied with Besançon. Nîmes is in 41st place. The three cities at the top of this list, where life is best for women: Strasbourg, Rennes, Bordeaux.

Common hospital: Millau worried about the future

#AVEYRON – Friday April 5, the square in front of the Millau hospital was black with white coats at the call of the CGT and Sud Santé. All reflected on the report of the last steering committee (Copil) of the future joint hospital held on March 2, and in particular the sentence: "work on savings measures on the following tracks: biology, cooking, medical-technical". A medical-technical service which includes, in Millau: pharmacy, sterilization, imaging and operating room. With particular effort, according to the wishes of ARS Occitanie, concerning the kitchen and the biology laboratory. Incomprehension, too, regarding the fact that "twelve people, elected officials and representatives of the authorities are organizing in complete opacity the dismantling of our hospital while our management and our policies only talk to us about co-construction, of transparency and communication". Same concerns for Pierre-Jean Girard of Sud santé: "Today we want to tackle the hundred or so jobs in the laboratory, the kitchen, the medical-technical field."& nbsp;So many answers expected after the next Copil Monday April 8.

Brand new Montpellier Run festival

#RACING –Five races on the program, nearly 6,000 participants and an entertainment village at Place du Peyrou in Montpellier, from April 5 to 7. This new edition of the Montpellier Run Festival is completely reinvented. One of the new features is ekiden, a relay road race in teams of six. The highlight of the weekend will be the marathon, the main event which should bring together more than 1,600 participants. This year, the route will immerse participants in the heart of Montpellier. The Montpellier Run Festival aims to be fun with a program of activities and concerts but also green: solid wood rewards, zero plastic supplies and with products from French and local suppliers.

He’s off to the first Contemporaine de Nîmes

#ART- La Contemporaine de Nîmes, a new contemporary art triennial whose theme is A New Youth, is available from April 5 to June 23, in twelve projects and twelve locations, each time with an emerging artist and a recognized figure. Twelve duos are thus found in the city, their monumental sculptures exposed in the middle of the street, their installations in museums or heritage places  (the route is done on foot). Among these duos, some are posthumous: this is the case of the pair Pierre Soulages and the young artist Jeanne Vicerial. Highlight of the inaugural weekend: the giant boom in the arenas on Saturday, with activist DJ Barbara Butch on the decks. A first!

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