Concerned about a drift to the us, the New Zealand arm not his police

Inquiète d'une dérive à l'américaine, la Nouvelle-Zélande n'armera pas sa police

WELLINGTON | new zealand police has waived Tuesday to its project to enable armed patrols, initiated after the attacks of Christchurch, the opinion fearing a drift into violence of its security forces, to the american.

The police in new zealand are not normally armed in the streets. But the forces of the order have recently made trials of armed patrols, a reform which had been decided in the wake of the carnage of Christchurch.

On march 15, 2019, a white supremacist australian had killed 51 worshipers in two mosques in the main city of the South island. The police had then suggested that the environment had “changed” and she had to have the means to intervene very quickly.

The idea of patrol army was not unanimous, particularly among Maori and Pacific communities, both populations face in normal times, the forces of order.

Marama Davidson, one of the leaders of the Greens, said last week that the idea of patrol army made them concerned for the safety of her two boys.

“Just look to the United States to see how things can go wrong with a force of militarized police”, she estimated in an open letter to the boss of the police Andrew Coster.

“This is particularly true for minorities and people of color.”

The first minister Jacinda Ardern said it was “totally opposed to the fact of arming systematically police”, while noting that the patrols were part of the operational action of the forces of law and order.

On Tuesday, Mr. Coster has announced that the trials of armed patrols do would not, explaining that the forces of order had taken note of the feedback from the population.

“It has been obvious throughout the trial that the existence of teams, armies did not match the font style of the expectations of new Zealanders”, he said.

The methods of law enforcement in many countries the subject of a revaluation since the death of George Floyd during his arrest in the United States that has sparked demonstrations around the world against racism and police brutality.

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