Concerns among physicians in the us

Inquiétudes chez les médecins américains

While I was perusing the american newspapers in search of inspiration this morning, I was quickly challenged in the text by an emergency physician. The Dre Esther Choo is concerned about the conditions in which her colleagues and she are called to fight against the COVID-19.

Well before the pandemic hit, the health workers were already subject to a great deal of pressure. Our health, sometimes our life rest in the hands of doctors and medical personnel. Dr. Choo explains that when they are faced with exhaustion, and her colleagues consult rarely, preferring to suffer in the shelter of the glances.

Esther Choo is familiar with the issue since it by experience. She waited for a creak, before seeking help, fearing that they would abandon the patients and appear weak in the eyes of his colleagues. The old adage a cobbler poorly shod would apply to those who themselves suggest to us not to wait before seeking help.

Also a professor at the University of Oregon, she points out that 27% of students and 29% of residents through a depressive episode. Add to these statistics a higher risk of suicide attempt, particularly in women.

I mentioned above factors that partly explain why one hesitates to refer to. Other benefits concrètent inhibit the impulses of the physicians who think to ask for help. There are fears for his reputation, but also for the renewal of its licence. The process would be too unforgiving and would forgive a little to those who have suffered from psychological disorders.

If Dr. Choo is expressed now, it is as if in “normal” conditions his colleagues do not, the problem is becoming all too evident during the pandemic. Elevated to the rank of heroes, doctors feel pressure superhuman.

Rarely in the history of humanity has there required of physicians of reactions as fast over such a long time. Too often they perform their work in cramped spaces and do not have the necessary resources. Not to mention that they are constantly exposed to the virus and that they are afraid to pass it on to their loved ones.

We expect a lot from doctors, more reason to care about their working conditions and their safety. Every time I read or what I hear people question the advice or requirements of public health officials, it is up to all medical staff that I think.

Despite their status as heroes or saviours, doctors and all staff that accompanies them, are first and foremost humans. The slightest things when we ask them to heal us or save us is to make things easier. Wear a mask and comply with social distancing to limit the scope and the effects of the virus.

Too often mental health problems are accompanied by a number of prejudices. The doctors, by the stress that accompanies the practice, do not escape this reality. For their sake and ours, we hope that they lead by example and that they accept the outstretched hands.

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