Concerns and uncertainties

Satisfied with the financial assistance of the government Legault, theatres quebec remain in a kind of haze. They are still waiting for the specific measures that will define the re-opening of their distribution sites.

“We are in an area of uncertainty and concern. We expect it with impatience, ” quipped Lorraine Pintal, artistic director of the Theatre of the New World.

The theatre community is expected to be the establishment of rules of detachment, of room capabilities reduced, and in severe income losses.

The shows planned for the fall should be prepared with the design of sets, costumes, and the rehearsal process. Which is impossible to do with the current closed theatres.

“Is it cancels the beginning of the season of autumn ? Is it that we are the defers ? You don’t have the answers, in this moment, to be able to answer these questions, ” said the artistic director, during a phone interview.

Artistic director and executive co-director of the Théâtre Le Trident, Anne-Marie Olivier welcomes a beautiful way, the financial support for the performing arts.

“We see that the government thinks of us and that’s reassuring.” she remarked, wishing that this new money goes to the artists.

Full of plans

The Trident as the TNM, plans are in place to provide a season of transition that would take into account the rules of detachment in the fall.

Proposals theatre, smaller-scale, solo shows, public readings and recordings are part of the solutions. Forms that must be proven in the rehearsal hall, so that the final result is of quality. Which is impossible to do in this moment.

Lorraine Pintal has a program that would be adapted in its cartons, which she will unveil in August, if she should cancel or postpone the regular season that was scheduled. She also works on projects of digital broadcasting that could be paid for.

Anne-Marie Olivier is also open to digital broadcasts.

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