Conchita Wurst showed Boobs in sheer outfit: pictures are not for the impressionable

Кончита Вурст показала грудь в прозрачном наряде: фото не для впечатлительных

Conchita Wurst

Thomas Neuwirth, better known as female alter-ego Conchita Wurst – Austrian singer and drag Queen. The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2014 in Copenhagen. The image of “woman with a beard” was created by Neuwirth in 2011. With it, the singer strives to give people a reason to reflect on the nature of otherness, xenophobia and tolerance. The artist is an active user of Instagram and often pleases fans with news of his life.

This time Thomas Neuwirth has published a new photo that showed the fans that they temporarily returned to the image of the man. But apparently fans were not ready to see such a man. In the picture, which appeared in the account of Thomas, he appeared on the overview of the audience in the flamboyant manner in a translucent outfit.

I must say that the photos in this image Tom Neuwirth looks a bit weird and at the same time flamboyant, and yet very contrasting. The fact that Conchita Wurst wearing outright black jumpsuit that on the upper torso consists of a mesh, that is the whole torso exposed to the review of the public. Thomas hair close-cropped, his face beard and dark makeup.

In the caption, Conchita Wurst wrote: “Conchita takes guests WURST takes the HIT ME live #AAMA2019 @amadeusawards 25 APR 2019 @orf. ORF/Hans Leitner”. Fans of Tom Neuwirth is not left without attention the publication of the flamboyant artist. Some covered it with compliments and praise him for the courage to be reincarnated as Conchita Wurst, and other, more conservative fans expressed dissatisfaction with such incarnations of the singer.

Recall, Conchita was surprised in a new way. Tom Neuwirth showed her new video for song “Hit Me” and shocked many fans of radical transformation. In the video Conchita looks like a normal man.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Conchita Wurst has eclipsed Baskov and Hilton combined.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Conchita Wurst suddenly bald.


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