Concrete roads are slowly moving

Les routes en b├ęton avancent lentement

The number of kilometres of roadways of concrete continues to progress at a snail’s pace, in Quebec, in areas where the use of this coating was found to be more advantageous.

The ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) has applied the last year of the concrete on 12 km of highways are among the busiest.

The sites the most important, which account for 8.4 km in the last year, have been those of the Turcot interchange and highway 20, in the area of Saint-Janvier-de-Joly, to the west of Quebec city.

Even if this increase is modest, it is the most important in 10 years.

More sustainable

Last year, our Office of investigations had revealed that despite the existence, since 2010, a policy prioritizing the use of concrete reconstruction on a network of 1231 km, only 26 km, or about 3 km per year, had been added.

Ten years ago, the MTQ has determined that the use of asphalt was not profitable on these highways, due to the abundance of trucks, heavy vehicles that circulate there.

Highway 20 and substantial portions of the expressways in the regions of Montreal and Quebec city make up this network where it has been demonstrated that the concrete will be more durable.

The analysis of the data of the MTQ showed last year that the rebuild rate on the network targeted by the orientation of concrete is about two times lower than what is observed for the network as a whole that is Quebec.

Nothing this year

The leap recorded last year will be followed by a pause for 2020, whereas the MTQ has no yard of concrete reconstruction in progress.

A call for tenders had been launched in march. The analysis of the three bids submitted, however, demonstrated “that the price of the lowest bidder was substantially higher than the estimate of the ministry,” said the spokesperson for the MTQ Nicolas Vigneault.

“In the interests of sound management of public funds, it was decided to return to the public call for tenders in the fall of 2020, because at this stage of the season, it is late to carry out the work “, he mentioned.

The work will be done in 2021 and 2022, on highway 20, always in the sector of Saint-Janvier-de-Joly. The concrete reconstruction is planned on sections of 1.8 and 2.5 km.

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