“Confused, where Lena, where Mary”: Zelensky was not able to distinguish Kravets of “Kvartal 95” from her daughter

"Запутался, где Лена, а где Маша": Зеленский не смог отличить Кравец из "Квартал 95" от ее дочери

Cravath Zelensky, photo – Karavan

today, 20:35

As you know, the famous Ukrainian comedian and member of the current Dancing with the stars Elena Kravets, actively conducts its own Instagram page, and often pleases fans of the variety of photos, some interesting videos.

So, this time the main woman “Quarter 95” and the mother of three children made a pleasant surprise to fans – she released a new photo of the dance show-ballet “foresight”, where she and Maria, her eldest daughter, visited these days.

"Запутался, где Лена, а где Маша": Зеленский не смог отличить Кравец из "Квартал 95" от ее дочери

Photos Instagram

Note that both chose for cultural evenings are quite stylish images. So, Kravets chose brown pants and a sweater coffee color, emphasizing the waist belt. A shoulder bag and trendy hat complements her dramatic bow. Masha was in jeans and a gray jacket in a cage and a belt, the girl sported a bag of banana in tone.

Fans of such pictures relished, because just a few hours, they scored less than 35 thousand likes and plenty of comments where happy for their idol. Also, the pictures and commented the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky: “When confused, where’s Elena, where’s Mary”.

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Recall, Kravets of “95 Quarter” admitted why her daughter left home.

Previously portal “Know.news Agency” reported that “95 Quarter” showed Elena Kravets in an unusual role.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Kravets of “95 Quarter” funny potrolit herself on “Dancing with the stars.”

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