Confusion around the number of social housing units constructed in Montreal

Confusion autour du nombre de logements sociaux construits à Montréal

MONTREAL | No of 1404 units of social housing planned via the programme AccèsLogis Montreal was inhabited last October, according to the auditor general.

“The number of units actually carried out, it is zero to this day. These are projects,” said Tuesday Michèle Galipeau, the auditor general (VG) of the City of Montreal, which focused on this program residential.

The analysis has been performed on the figures of last fall, provided by the City, she noted at 24 Hours.

As of October 31, 2019, the works were completed for none of the 22 projects planned for 2017-2018.

That said, according to Ms. Galipeau, the construction of some of the units had started, since the City had bonded loans of$ 6.1 Million. It will be called on to endorse the approximately$150 Million.

The audit, which began several months ago, this is not possible for the VG to say if in this time the units stay actually people.

Ms. Galipeau has also stressed the need for regular reporting.

With the signing of the framework agreement “Reflex Montreal”, giving more responsibilities to the metropolis, the program AccèsLogis Montreal was established, and the funds have been transferred to the City.

80 housing

According to Robert Beaudry, head of the housing committee to the executive committee, the situation has progressed.

“In eight months, there has been a lot of projects that are developed and projects that will deliver very soon,” he assured.

Excluding the projects at the preliminary approval stage, included in the accounting of the VG, 1082 units are planned through the program AccèsLogis Montreal. Mr. Beaudry confirmed that 80 housing units have been constructed, without being able to confirm if people reside there.

Some of the projects prior to 2017 are funded by the government programme AccèsLogis Québec. According to Mr. Beaudry, 240 homes have been delivered on 2122 units planned.

“Our administration has been to Quebec to make representations and put the money to unlock these projects, allow them to see the light of day,” he argued.

The directors Plant is committed to develop 6,000 new units of social housing during his first term.


“The administration has no credibility on this issue”, has pestered Lionel Perez, head of the opposition party All Montreal, reacting to the balance sheet of the VG.

“We have said from the beginning that their goals and their journey were unrealistic. Today, we had the evidence of VG”, he added.

He complains that the party of the mayor of taking credit for projects started prior to their arrival in power. Mr. Perez wishes that the VG be mandated to do a quarterly report of the program AccèsLogis Montreal.

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