Confusion with allergies

The allergy season is flourishing, and the resulting symptoms are pushing people to get a screening test of the COVID-19.

“Currently, there is a fear of the COVID-19. Everyone is more alert to the slightest symptoms, ” explains Réjean Savard, a nurse in the clinical screening mobile Montreal.

For one week, note the presence of a crowd of people presenting with signs similar to seasonal allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat.

Allergies Quebec

“It doesn’t surprise me,” says Dominique Lord, a spokesman for the charity Allergy Quebec. Each year, the organization tries to predict future trends and suspected was already the month of April that there would be confusion with the COVID-19.

An intense season

The allergist and immunologist pediatrics, Marie-Josée Francoeur, explains that the allergy season is particularly challenging this year.

“It was a phenomenon of double since the last week since we had the trees and grasses that can cause allergies at the same time “, said the specialist who practices in a clinic in Brossard.

Dr. Francoeur believes that there are actions you can take before entering the clinic. “The first reflex might be to consult with a pharmacist because they are really great helpers to do the sorting of the symptoms,” she advises.

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