Congratulations with mother’s Day in prose: beautiful cards and pictures

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Поздравления с Днем матери в прозе: красивые открытки и картинки

Mother’s Day: ecards, pictures and greetings

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of may, which is considered the month of the blessed virgin Mary. To the Mother of God apply to Christians, asking for help and intercession. In contrast to the 8 March – International women’s day, when greeting all women, in this day solely to congratulate mothers and pregnant women.

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In Ukraine officially started celebrating mother’s Day since 1999 on the second Sunday of may. Mother’s day in Ukraine in 2019 falls on may 12. Don’t forget to hug and kiss your mother, tell her the most tender of words, but also to address best greetings mother’s Day. And we suggest you choose the most vivid, delicate, original and cute greetings in prose, postcards and pictures of mother’s Day.

Поздравления с Днем матери в прозе: красивые открытки и картинки

Pictures mother’s Day

Best greetings mother’s Day women in prose

“Mom – the first word, the main word in each destiny”. Lines from this song tell about a very near and dear person in the world, about you, my mommy. In your birthday I wish you a million smiles and always good mood. Let our failures you are not upset, we will give you a reason to be proud of us. Let your health allows you not only to look after grandchildren, but also to bring up grandchildren.

Congratulations mom on mother’s Day in your own words

Mommy, kind, gentle and radiant, I congratulate you on the holiday, mother’s day! Let this day once again I will remind you of my love, give gentle hugs and words of gratitude. I wish you only health, long years of life. Let them never suffer depression, and eyes wet with tears. Remain always same beautiful, young, sensitive and caring. You know, you’re the best!

Поздравления с Днем матери в прозе: красивые открытки и картинки

Cards mother’s Day

Beautiful greetings for mother’s Day in your own words

Today, mother’s Day, and the eyes of all the moms in the world shines in a special way, because their congratulations to the native people in life — their children. We congratulate all mothers on this holiday and wish happiness, lots of smiles, inspiration and, of course, is patience, because without it, it is not easy to bear the honorary title “mother.” Take care of yourself and be happy, and we in turn will protect you from troubles and disappointments. With the holiday, our caring lovebirds!

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Sincere congratulations happy mother’s Day friend

The first word mellifluous to the end of life. The most gentle and caring hands. The kind and sympathetic heart. On mother’s Day I want to wish you, my dear friend, true happiness, long life, excellent, robust health, understanding, and devotion to family. Let your cheeks do not run with tears, and his chest burns with pride for your children.

Поздравления с Днем матери в прозе: красивые открытки и картинки

Mother’s Day greetings and cards

Kind greetings mother’s Day prose

Native mother congratulate mother’s day! Let me tell words of gratitude and love for you. My dear, thank you for the affection and tenderness, for a long, sleepless night for the experience, for care. For always being there gave himself without reserve to us, for parting words and blessing. Whether, my dear, happy and healthy for many more years may your eye does not know tears, and hands of hard work. I love you very much, dear, my precious mother!

Congratulations on mother’s Day prose

From my first breath to the present day, no man dearer and closer than you, mom! This holiday is just an excuse to tell you about what I feel every day I love you more than anything on Earth! Bless you life bad, you’re worth only the best and the brightest. A long and happy life, mommy!

Поздравления с Днем матери в прозе: красивые открытки и картинки

Congratulations with mother’s Day in pictures

Mother’s day 2019: warm greetings in prose

Favorite mom, with all my heart I congratulate you on mother’s Day. Let happiness accompany you always. Stay the same kind, wise and understanding, I love you very much. No man in the world more expensive and closer than my mother, and I will not never get tired to thank you for what you did for me. With the holiday favorite!

Gentle greetings mother’s Day in prose friend

Treasures of the world can not replace the motherly love that women give a long and sleepless night sitting by the crib. Nothing compares to the tenderness of the mother’s voice, when the mother reads a bedtime story. Nothing will remind of the warmth of mom’s hands when native stroking the child’s head. Congratulations, friend, on this wonderful holiday wish from the heart of joy, smiles, happiness and prosperity and health for many, many years to come.

Поздравления с Днем матери в прозе: красивые открытки и картинки

Mother’s Day: cards and greetings

Special greetings mother’s Day

Favorite mommy day! For me you’ll always be the best, most caring and most attentive mother in the world! You’re like a real angel, which protects them from hurts and disappointments, tears and mistakes, troubles and losses. Health to you momma and longevity! And I beg you – be really happy!

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