Connor Jessup (Locke & Key) looks back on his coming out : “I was dishonest”

Connor Jessup (Locke & Key) revient sur son coming-out : "Je me sentais malhonnête"

Connor Jessup (Locke & Key) looks back on his coming out : “I was dishonest”

If you do not yet know Connor Jessup, you can find it in the new series, Netflix, Locke & Key, available since February 7, 2020. And if you want to know more about the actor, it’s all happening here. Did you know that he had made his coming out in June 2019 ? Today, the interpreter of Tyler Locke reveals the reason why he decided to reveal his homosexuality.

“It no longer had any meaning for me”

I knew I was gay when I was 13 years old, but I hid it for years, “announced Connor Jessup in June 2019 on Instagram. The actor of Locke & Key, the new fantasy series from Netflix, has waited 25 years to make his coming out publicly.

This has not been easy for him, but he could hide, as he explains in an interview with The Face magazine : “I had come to a point where I feel dishonest and uncomfortable. I felt that I had to limit myself and censor my behavior. The reasons why I hid my homosexuality became increasingly blurred. It no longer had any meaning for me. There are therefore several factors that made me decide to say something.

“All these excuses were no longer valid”

Connor Jessup then asked : “I felt embarrassed, not embarrassed to be gay, but to say something. The idea of attracting the attention on me with a message and ask me what people were going to say put me ill at ease. I wanted to keep it for myself, but all these excuses were no longer valid.

The interpreter of Tyler Locke in Locke & Key has made a secret of his homosexuality when he played a character gay in the series Falling Skies : “During the promotion, I took distances on the subject of sexuality. I talked about it in a neutral way. The more you choose not to talk about it, the more you have the impression you push.

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