Contactless payment above 50 euros: are there now more chances of having your money “hacked” ?

Contactless payment above 50 euros: are there now more chances of having your money “hacked” ?

Depuis peu, le paiement sans contact n’est désormais plus limité à 50 euros. MAXPPP – Maurizio Maule/IPA

Avec la récente suppression du plafond pour les paiements sans contact, sommes-nous plus vulnérables aux piratages de carte bleue ?

Since Thursday, June 27, contactless payment is now possible for purchases above the blocking amount which was previously set at 50 euros. A measure expected by the French, nearly 90% of whom use it. However, contactless can also be dangerous for victims of theft or hacking.

Nevertheless, rest assured, the new feature“Contactless Plus”which allows you to pay an unlimited amount, will still require you to enter your PIN code for amounts greater than 50 euros. In addition, it will be mandatory to insert your card every 5 payments to validate your code, in order to avoid fraud, even for amounts of less than 50 euros.< /p>

What risks ?

These security measures therefore necessarily limit fraud which only represents 0.01% of transactions according to the latest report from the Observatoire de la security of means of payment (OSMP), carried out by the Banque de France. Although in theory it is possible to stick a payment terminal against a bag in order to recover money, this scenario remains unlikely.

"To own a payment terminal that will allow contactless transactions, you must register with a financial institution that will provide the payment terminal. rsquo;device" recalls the payment company Mastercard, cited by BFMTV. "The efforts that a fraudster would have to make to achieve this are in fact disproportionate to the limited return" judges the company’ .

Finally, in the event of theft, amounts of less than 50 euros are required to be reimbursed by your bank if the confidential code has not been entered. On the other hand, for larger sums, which therefore require the use of this code, the bank could in certain cases refuse reimbursement.

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