Containment measures: the complotistes dropped by Me Guy Bertrand

Mesures de confinement: les complotistes largués par Me Guy Bertrand

Citing lack of credibility and the false words of his client, the lawyer Guy Bertrand withdrew from the lawsuit brought by a group of complotistes against the government in the wake of the COVID-19.

At the beginning of the month of June, the Foundation for the defense of the rights and freedoms of the people (FDLP) began judicial proceedings against the Attorney general of Quebec and the department of public health. Supported by mr. Guy Bertrand, the organization denounced the containment measures put in place by Quebec since the beginning of the pandemic.

Gold, at the head of this collection he created in may is Stéphane Blais, a follower of conspiracy theories, which has rallied thousands of people on social networks since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Tool in question

Me Bertrand seemed not so far to formalise the situation. The situation has however changed last Thursday, while Stéphane Blais and dozens of people have been given an appointment at Conti Caffe, ignoring the sanitary measures in force.

The event was relayed in a video on Facebook by the ex-head of TQS-Québec Josée Turmel, who supports the Foundation. There are many clients that are installed nearby in the restaurant, without a mask or visor.

Speaking at the rally, Stéphane Blais has shown confident of winning his legal battle against Quebec. In the event of defeat, however, a popular uprising could take place, he argued. “The people will be there and the people will say no to the dictatorship, be-on!”, he pleaded.

Detecting violations of the legal procedure present, and to the reputation of justice, Mr. Bertrand has announced the FDLP, last Monday, he was withdrawing from the lawsuit. “Your words are deceptive and can only mislead your fans and the population,” wrote the lawyer in a letter made public Tuesday by Stéphane Blais.

Stating that the trust solicitor-client had been broken, Me Bertrand contends that by its conduct, incitement to civil disobedience, non-observance of the Law and its political activism, Stéphane Blais has “destroyed” his “own credibility in the face of the Court”.

“How do you think you can you stand before the courts and scream at the injustice, saying that the State had violated the Constitution and that the government had abused its powers during the pandemic, then you are acting knowingly in contravention of Law?”, questions the lawyer, who is delighted not to have accepted the invitation to this evening, presented originally as a “head-to-head” between three couples, he wrote.

Contacted by the Journal, Mr. Blais has refused to retract his statements made at Conti Caffe. Instead, it has assured that the judicial proceedings to follow their course.

“You can mark it in your diary : Stéphane Blais does not let go ever,” he pleaded, adding that his foundation would open legal proceedings this week against Toronto, Ontario and Canada, in addition to working to block the mandatory wearing of the mask in enclosed public places in Montreal.

Desertion to the Foundation

Stéphane Blais, however, is for the time being the only director of the Foundation for the defense of the rights and liberties of the people, the other two having left the ship in the last days. “Because they have not delivered the goods, that’s all,” he commented, adding that the new directors, “warriors”, would be announced shortly.

Me Bertrand is said to be “gobsmacked” to see that this private letter is to be found on the public square. He did not want to comment further.


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