Containment: substantial increase in the demand for the breeders of dogs

Confinement: hausse importante de la demande pour les éleveurs de chiens

The number of adoptions and applications for pets has increased considerably with the pandemic COVID-19. Breeders of dogs are launching a serious warning about this trend, saying the fear of many withdrawals and the return of a more normal life.

With containment, breeders of Rimouski have noted an increase in “phenomenal” information requests by e-mail.

“We have seen an increase in spend of approximately 10 e-mails per day 50 e-mails per day,” said Djanick Michaud, vice-president of the Club canin du Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“Many of increase in requests for my puppies,” said his side Michèle Gauvin, breeder of belgian shepherds and owner of Livestock Nicha.

The containment has led many Quebecers to want to adopt a pet to break the isolation.

“Why [do we want] a dog in an emergency like that? In answering this question, one is able to do the development,” said Mr. Michaud.

According to the breeders, the number of abandoned pets is likely to increase in the coming weeks with the return to a more normal life. In addition, the season moves approach.

“We need you to be aware when you take an animal, that he has a life, he has emotions. You can’t just take it like a toy. When you adopt an animal, you have to admit it that you have it for 10-15 years,” said Michèle Gauvin.

The decision to adopt a pet like a dog must be thought, according to experts.


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