Containment: the children have moved three times less

Confinement: les enfants ont bougé trois fois moins

The most recent newsletter of the physical activity of the organization ParticipACTION found that children have moved three times less during the confinement period.

Result of public health measures taken to combat the pandemic, the level of physical activity has decreased considerably.

The research demonstrates that this phenomenon is particularly pronounced among young people, since only 4.8% of children and 0.8 % of young people meet the national guidelines in respect to the movement during the pandemic. This rate was 15% before.

The young and the children spent less time outdoors and more time in front of screens.

For the majority of parents, take children to the screens remains a challenge of all the days, even without a pandemic.

Bad grades

Three months later, the bulletin attributes to the children and young people with the grades “D+” for overall physical activity and ” F ” for the behaviors associated with the movement.

Today, while families will complete a year in a particular school, ParticipACTION is launching the 14th edition of the Bulletin of physical activity in children and young people who, with the recent Newsletter of the adults, are the assessments, the more detailed physical activity in Canada.

The findings highlight the key role of the family in the development of healthy behaviors. The organization also wants to encourage children to move more.

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