Containment: the process of court to an appeal against Quebec

Mesures de confinement: démarche judiciaire vers un recours contre Québec

A statement of claim has to be filed in respect of the government of Québec by the Foundation for The defense of the rights and freedoms of the people (FDLP), which alleged that the containment of Québec as a whole was an unreasonable and unjustifiable for the state of public health emergency.

This procedure, carried out by lawyers, constitutionalists cabinet Guy Bertrand seeks to declare null and void, unconstitutional and inoperative a number of articles of the Law on public health, decrees and ministerial orders, and the bill 61.

“According to our claims, this bill will give excessive powers to the government and to the director of public health in times of health emergency and they violate the Constitution of the province of Québec and its underlying principles of democracy and the rule of law”, has informed Me of Bertrand while he was in front of the palace of justice of Quebec in the company of the president of the FDLP, Stéphane Blais.

More details to come…


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