Contract review controversial to WE Charity begins

L’examen du contrat controversé à WE Charity commence

The Committee of the commons on the finance committee meets this afternoon to Ottawa in order to shed light on the awarding without tender of a contract a millionaire to WE Charity, an organization close to the family Trudeau.

The opposition parties have been demanding for days that the prime minister and the minister of Finance, who are both the subject of an investigation by the ethics Commissioner and the conflict of interests in this folder, and witness before the committee of commons.

But Justin Trudeau chose instead to speak to the media in the company of the vice-first minister, asked by chrystia Freeland, 30 minutes before the start of the hearing to the commons, to make an announcement on the COVID-19.

For the moment, they will have to settle for the minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth, Bardish Chagger, who had first made the announcement of the contract involving the WE Charity, the 25th of June.

Senior officials on the grill

Senior officials of Heritage Canada and Employment and social Development Canada must also appear. These two departments have also delivered significant contracts to WE Charity over the past three years.

The big boss of the federal public service, the clerk of the privy Council, Ian Shugart, will also be questioned by members of parliament, a perilous exercise. His predecessor, Michael Wernick, resigned after giving evidence to the commons to explain in the case of SNC-Lavalin.

Since the beginning of the case WE Charity, the government asserts that the decision to grant the contract to WE Charity was borne out of a recommendation of the public service. Justin Trudeau has also indicated that the State was not in the best position to manage the scholarship program, canadian volunteer student (BCBE).

Union outraged

This claim is not only “wrong”, but also “insulting” for officials, according to the national president of the public service Alliance of Canada, Chris Aylward.

For the union, to entrust the management of these grants, the State is not only possible, but above all desirable because this “would foster accountability”.

The parliamentarians will hear also Paula Speevak, of the organization Volunteer Canada. Even before the launch of the scholarship program, Mrs. Speevak has expressed significant reservations about the government and refused to participate. His organization works with more than 200 sites of action volunteers across the country.


Despite the reservations of Mrs. Speevak, Ottawa, was granted to WE Charity, without tender, to a contract with a value of$ 19.5 Million to manage and distribute$ 900 Million in federal grants for the volunteer student. The programme provided thousands of students volunteer between July and October, in exchange for grants of up to$5000.

Justin Trudeau and the minister Bill Morneau had confessed to subsequently not be removed from the discussions that led to the award of this public contract, in spite of their close family connections with WE Charity. The mother, the brother and the wife of the Prime minister, as one of the daughters of Bill Morneau, have all been or still are paid by the organization.

The contract was eventually cancelled, leaving the key in the approximately 35 000 young people have applied.

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